Community Crew Activities & Fundraising Events

Community Crews are NOT permitted to engage in activities or fundraising events USING ISF'S NAME AND/OR LOGO without the prior written approval of ISF.  Every event, project or activity that a Community Crew wishes to engage in USING ISF’S NAME AND/OR LOGO requires written authorization from ISF.

In order to obtain approval to use ISF's name and logo in connection with a Crew activity or fundraising event you must register your idea with the ISF Community Crews Team.  Once you have submitted your request, the ISF Crews Team will communicate with you by return email with further instructions. 


All activities and fundraising events organized by Community Crews are third-party events and are NOT official ISF Events.  This includes any and all Crew activities and fundraising events that are registered and approved by ISF.  Registration and approval DOES NOT make a Crew activity "official." Crews are not permitted to name, refer to, advertise or create the impression that their activities or fundraising events are “official ISF activities” or “official ISF events.” 

Community Crew activities that DO NOT involve the use of ISF’s name and/or logo DO NOT need to be registered with, or approved by ISF. 

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT use the Community Crew Activity and Fundraising Event Registration Forms to register new social media handles or Crew websites. Registered ISF Community Crews are allowed to create and use Community Crew websites, Twitter, Facebook and other social media handles and profile pictures containing the ISF name and Logo subject to the restrictions, terms and conditions set forth in the Community Crew Social Media/Website Policy and in the ISF Community Crew Registration Packet. Please follow the procedures outlined in the Community Crew Social Media/Website Policy if you wish to register any new social media handles on behalf of your Crew.

Click Here if your activity request involves fundraising

Click Here if your activity request DOES NOT involve fundraising