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DevonYoung Devon is a very passionate girl and is so aware of things other than herself. Around the age of 3 when her mother, Elaine, threatened her that she would give all of her things to kids that have nothing after she hadn't cleaned her room. That's when the questions started coming and something in her clicked. Her mothers tactic backfired and instead of her cleaning she gathered together her blankets, toys and clothes and wanted to bring them to the kids. She started learning about things like recycling and limiting water consumption in pre school. She would try to pick up trash on the street when she and her mother were walking, which would make it nearly impossible to get anywhere since she was stoping almost every couple of steps. She would find stray cats and rope her mother into what they now call "kitty rescues".

She asked her mother if they could go to the beach this summer. Elaine figured it was to do normal kid things at the beach. After saying "Sure!", she said "good because I'm going to bring a trash bag and gloves and clean it". When she saw on the news about a fire in her community that left many homeless. Yet again she gathered clothes, blankets and toys and demanded her mother bring her to the people. Elaine called the Red Cross to see if she could donate her things. They don't accept those kinds of donations but said they were accepting volunteers. After hearing how old she was, they said no. When driving one day, she told her mother to pull over at a refinery where there were smoke stacks and call 911 because "they were "murdering the earth and without the trees and grass everyone would die." These are just a few examples of Devon's passion.

Her mom thanked ISF much for giving her the opportunity to speak with someone at a real organization, doing exactly the things she believes in. Her mother shares, "It's nice that another adult is taking her seriously and not just, for lack of better terms, patting her on the head, smiling, telling her she's a cute kid, and sending her on her way. And unfortunately, she'll admit, even she at times has been guilty of dismissing some of her thoughts. She really wants someone to let her actually do something. She wants to teach other kids so they don't grow up to be "dingbat grown ups", her words."

We’re so excited to speak with her, Devon wrote Ian an email that we all couldn’t resist, read it below!

Hi. My name is Devon. I'm 6, almost 7 years old. On your birthday I gave you my toothfairy money to help the earth. I'm an actress and I go to school at home because I audition a lot and film stuff. My idea for helping is I would like to meet with you and go to schools with kids my age to talk to them about things you can do to help. I believe that even though I'm still a kid I still have a voice. I think kids don't think they can make a difference when they are my age but they can. Maybe if I talk to them they will see that it's not too early to start helping. You are using your acting to help and I want to do that too. My phone number is XXX XXX XXXX if you want to call me to help. Thank you. :)


Inspiring isn't she?

Paws 4 a Cause!

Paws for a Cause Paws 4 a Cause began in September 2010 when Natalie, administrator of Blood Falls (a Vampire Diaries fansite) wanted to do something special for Ian's upcoming birthday.  After a little research, Natalie discovered the St Tammany Humane Society, a no-kill animal shelter located in Ian's hometown of Covington, Louisiana.  With the shelter's blessing and support, The Ian Somerhalder Birthday Project was officially launched. After a very successful run (fans raised an amazing $11,100), year two began in late November 2010 and has been going strong ever since.

Natalie and her dedicated team aim to bring awareness about the benefits of no-kill animal shelters, while fundraising to assist St Tammany Humane Society realize their financial goals.  Paws 4 a Cause is also a huge Ian Somerhalder Foundation supporter.

Paws 4 a Cause has many fundraising projects such as monthly donations, silicone support bracelets, a cafe press store, and so many other great things to come.  Their goal is to raise $30,000 this year (85% goes to St Tammany Humane Society and 15% goes to Ian Somerhalder Foundation).  It is their hope to recruit many more supporters to help them realize this important goal so that at the end of 2011 they can present Ian Somerhalder with the gift of love and support for animals.