Ian's Update...

Wow. I wish you could have all climbed in my suitcase to Africa, because it’s certainly was an adventure I won’t ever forget. In fact, I am still digesting what I learned, and have to admit as much as I adore NYC, it was a bit of sensory overload upon returning. Learning about Allan Savory’s work was magical,but not as magical as learning about the man himself... though, between you and I, I do have to admit most of his humor comes from his simply amazing wife Jody. We spent morning breakfasts with an orphaned elephant, while baboon babies played together mere feet away. We learned so much about soil, water shed, and the interconnected nature of animals and the land. We can’t WAIT to SHOW what we experienced. Keep your eyes peeled for word about the product of our trip, in the mean time do visit the Savory Institute and show Allan ISF loves him. Thank you Allan, Jody and the Africa Centre for Holistic Management Staff for giving us an experience we can’t wait to share with everyone we can!
Our volunteer team has been so busy expanding, we have almost 50 amazingly skilled volunteers working as one big family for ISF- I am so very grateful to each and everyone of you for sharing your talents, skills and commitment. We simply can’t do this without your effort. My favorite part about our volunteers is that we all have such a bond, we really do love each other and that relationship fuels me forward.

Proof our voices are being heard, and taken seriously, look at the latest progress with the B.C Sled Dog Campaign, Read about it here!
Have you guys noticed how many new ISF community groups have popped up- WOW! Remarkable! Now, if we can all link hands and create collaborative efforts I can’t imagine what we could accomplish as one big family. Big thanks to ISF France(OFIAN) for the awesome efforts!
We have a few surprises coming your way soon, we are working on the first official ISF event in October, I’m telling you right now. it’s surely going to be an epic celebration and you MUST come. :-)
I’m so lucky to be alive, to be apart of this movement, to be able to learn and grow with all of you. I know there is a lot of work ahead of us, but right now, I’m really happy. What we learned in Africa has given me hope that there are simple solutions to complex problems.

Ian Somerhalder