The Final Straw

TheFinalStraw ISFoundation ISFWater

There is a very REAL threat lurking in our water... 


The Ian Somerhalder Foundation is answering our planet's call to action. You and I can no longer wait for others to protect our planet from pollution. We each need to do our part to create personal and large-scale change. As a part of the ISF Water Campaign, taking on our global problem of water pollution, our ISF College team has decided to resurrect our action against the unnecessary use of the plastic straws polluting our waters and harming our ocean ecosystem.










                             Join the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in

                                                 THE FINAL STRAW


                                 Thefinalstraw ISFoundation ISFWater

In the coming months, follow @ISFoundation and @ISFCollege in our campaign against plastic pollution. We will be sharing information, activities and challenges to encourage you to make personal changes as well as bring about changes in the practices of your local businesses, institutions and restaurants to directly address the problem of plastic water pollution.