Graziela: The ISF Collection is here!

Who is Graziela?

Fate undoubtedly brought Graziela and me into each other’s lives. One year ago, out of the blue, I was given the most exquisite pair of earrings along with a note from the jewelry designer. The problem was that the earrings didn’t fit my tiny earlobes. I felt compelled, even after returning them, to reach out to the designer with a special note thanking her for such a beautiful gift. I looked her up online. Of course, if you know Graziela, it will not come as a shock to hear that when you Google her name the first thing you see is her love for animals. As I began to read about this woman, her many furry fosters and her work with local rescues, I felt an immediate feeling of connection and admiration for someone so selfless. The love that Graziela has for animals is so potent that I could feel her heart through the screen. My social media post later that day was a simple “thank you” for her gift, but my post was inspired by my appreciation for who Graziela is as a person.

Just a few days later, I received a note back. Graziela wanted to create something together and to donate the proceeds to a place where I could promise her that animals would be helped. Why you might ask? She didn’t even know me! Well, because that’s who Graziela is. She is a giving, compassionate, animal loving mother of four who has more energy than anyone I know. She also has a talent for designing jewelry while making the world a better place.

I learned very quickly that Graziela doesn't mess around. She works as rapidly as she speaks and as much as she laughs. In just a few weeks, the initial collection was designed and samples were already being made. The two of us began to speak every week with the intention of just working on the designs. Inevitably, we began to spend hours at a time talking about everything from animal cruelty, to the foster animals we both had, to her desire to go even one step further as a vegetarian. Graziela would ask me for recipes and I'd ask her about being a mom. We’d talk about pit bulls and exchange stories about the shelters we volunteered at. We even worked together to create a ring for Ian for his birthday.

One day, I got another sweet surprise from this unbelievable woman when she called me to say that she wanted to design “more jewelry for animals!” In addition to the original collection she went ahead and designed two more collections inspired by water and earth. Graziela said “Nikki, how can I only make a collection about animals when the ocean and our beautiful earth are being destroyed! We have to design something for those too!”

That is who Graziela is. She has a heart the size of the universe and a sweet innocence. She is someone who does not take no for an answer. She believes that anything is possible. I love this woman for who she is and for what she does, but mostly because of her desire to love. She inspires everyone who is fortunate enough to know her. Graziela, I know in my heart that I will know you for a lifetime. It goes without saying that I am the lucky one. Thank you.

Love Nikki

60% of the retail purchase price of each piece in the Graziela Gems ISF Collection is donated to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation in support of our charitable mission.


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