Ian January Update

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Happy New Year indeed! I am overwhelmed by not only all the love and support that you all showed me for my birthday, but for all the love and support we received to help us win the Mozilla challenge on Crowdrise. We could not have done it without each and every one of you!!! You all rock. You have proven that no matter who you are, the power to change anything lies in union. The way you unite through spreading information through social media and raising funds for causes you believe in, fuels me to no end.


With each new year we begin anew. We face new challenges, but are also lucky enough to have new opportunities. Some people believe in making resolutions and some do not. Either way you can make a commitment to yourself, to those around you and to the world. A commitment to take little steps that make a big difference: like turning off the water while brushing your teeth or purchasing a reusable water bottle so you can forgo the plastic ones. I myself strive to be better in some way everyday: to stay educated, to give back and to appreciate my surrounds. Consider these actions as self development and increase the ways you can challenge yourself thereby experiencing new ways of thought and action.


With that said, I look forward to the promise of this year. To working alongside new change makers and old friends.  To changing the world one positive step at a time. To making leaps and bounds towards creating an animal sanctuary that will be a refuge for mistreated animals and the launching pad of so many youth seeking to learn their purpose here on this freaking unbelievably gorgeous planet. This year will be another amazing year in which I am sure ISF and this amazing family will help create the world we want to see for generations to come.