Ian's 34th Birthday Wish

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

             Can you guys believe that I'm turning 34?! Wow, time flies when you're making change ;) Every single day of my 33rd year I spent tremendously grateful for the symphony of love and inspiration within the ISF family. United, we spent the past year fighting for our dreams and living for our innovations, dedication and collaborations. There was no other way I would have wanted to spend any of those days. I can't begin to thank you all enough for the way you invigorate this planet and all of the people believing in it. Around this time every year, I reflect on the inextinguishable fire you set in the hearts of people finding their voice in this world. You are the heartbeat of ISF.

             This time of year is truly priceless for me. I share my personal birthday with another massive celebration: ISF's birthday! Both ISF and I receive gifts all year round! ISF is so fortunate to have an outpouring of energy, skills and love all the way from the worldwide volunteers that team up to support and teach one another to the Board Members who provide us with an endless supply of strength. These gifts are irreplaceable and way surpass any physical gift. And while I'm so touched to receive physical gifts in the mail, my heart tends to break a little when I think about the impact behind those items… the materials, manufacturing, packing, shipping, etc. The generosity of your time, ideas, collaborations, donations, and accomplishments is really the gift that knocks me off my feet. I humbly treasure this in a sacred place within my heart.

             I know many of you and I know the selfless desire you have to give, celebrate and contribute to ISF, so I have a back-up plan for those who simply cannot resist the urge to give a gift to both ISF and myself this birthday: donations! I know it sounds simple, but all donations big and small fuel our resources to continue expanding and making change for the voiceless of this planet: our skies, seas, energy, habitats and of course our furry friends. We're so grateful to companies who are supporting us in reaching our goals too! This year, ISF is a team in the Mozilla FireFox Challenge! How cool is it when kindhearted companies like Mozilla are willing to go big on donations and generously give towards turning individual action into global impact?? Companies that truly give in such an abundant manner create some pretty beautiful, symbiotic relationships and instill a sense of hope for blossoming unions between the for-profit world and the non-profit world. With your support, we could win some amazing funds that will be channeled into some pretty incredible projects and initiatives we have lined up for 2013! So please put on your party hats, get fired up about the Mozilla Firefox Challenge, and let's celebrate another incredible year!!!


Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for making the last few birthdays the most momentous and life-changing. Love you ALL!