Ian's Update Spring 2014

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Hello beautiful ISF family - I am truly astounded by your vivacious, kinetic, dedicated work that I see you all doing every week, day, hour… I am seriously the luckiest dude on the planet, what did I ever do to deserve you? ;) 2014 so far has been nothing short of extraordinary and inspiring all around. And, without a doubt, a lot of that has to do with each of YOU. The youth, adults, families, classrooms, professionals...literally every type of human being is a critical component of our one ISF body. It’s a beyond awesome journey! So, what am I most stoked about right now when I look at ISF/this awesome organism we've created together?

One thing I'm really fired up about is happening right now on Twitter. We-at ISF-have no doubt about it: COAL ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. If you haven't already, please learn about our biggest campaign to date - #CoalSucks. We REALLY NEED YOUR HELP to make this an unprecedented success. We’re creating a massive Twitter storm to tell people we are dead serious about clean energy and ridding ourselves of old dirty fossil fuels.

#CoalSucks runs May 1st through this May 7th, so please go read our infographic and get excited! It’s tied in with my episode of Years of Living Dangeroulsy 'The Preacher's Daughter' on Showtime this Sunday May 4th at 10 pm et/pt.

Also! In February we kicked off our ISF Emergency Medical Care Grants for animals - how empowering of an experience it has been to unite with other actionists who are healing creatures in need. Seeing how far these kiddos have come has made it tremendously rewarding. We will be sharing some pretty incredible stories very soon… stay tuned!

We are also really excited about a comic book collaboration ISF is doing with Alec Urbach, the Executive Director of Giving from the Ground Up (Alec's Animated Schoolhouse) and CEO of Worldwise Comics. 'The story of Erasmus and the Very Great Lesson' illustrates just how vital it is that we respect all demonstrations of life for the continuation of our own and for the ultimate wellbeing of our planet. I can't wait for it to be ready so you can check it out and so we can distribute it to schools all around our amazing planet.

And did you see our UFactor vision board entries?!? How freaking fantastic were every single creative, inspiring one? It only made the team even more excited and passionate about furthering this program - we can’t wait for you to see what’s next! You won’t want to miss it!

Our Youth and College Divisions are both putting out a call for more awesome peeps like you to get involved. Do you want to be a kick ass MobSTIR or CAB member? We need motivated, strong, passionate, ready-to-go changemakers to join our teams so make sure to check out their pages on the site and apply. And don’t forget about starting a GenISF, College or Community Crew.

We also just had a lot of success with two of our recent initiatives, IStandFor and Save A Cup. SO many of you tweeted us pics for IStandFor and told us exactly what you stand for, and it was awesome! Always stand up for what you believe in most. Save A Cup was epic! In one month you all saved 10,468 cups by opting for reusables - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

One thing more, I thought you all would love an update on my other baby…


Besides being the love of my life, she just had a successful knee surgery and is on the mend like a super dog. She is back to walking around and wagging her back half nearly off!

Love Ian



Homepage Photo Credit: The Years Project/John W. Adkisson

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