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We at ISF could definitely be called readers. Kim, Ian and all the volunteers love to read books, magazines, newspapers online and in print. ISF is also a big fan of forming new partnerships. So we are taking both of these loves and creating the ISF Book Club.

The ISF Book Club

The ISF Book Club is a place for us to share stories, characters, environments and ideas found in the books we love. It came about through the serendipitous meeting of Kim Klingler and Kim Falconer. While discussing ISF and her latest series, the seeds for collaboration were planted. Launching on Goodreads, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation created a community where we can talk about the characters we love, (or love to hate) the stories that move us and anything that supports our connection to all life, the environment, mind, body, spirit, personal power, self-awareness and consciousness.
In the threads we will be discussing storylines and meaning embedded in the featured books. Worksheets will be available for download to spark ideas around deliberate creation and intention, the nature of ‘reality’, creative expression, compassion, astrology, Self-awareness and our link to the greater whole. The first book up is Kim Falconer’s Path of the Stray, book #1 in the Quantum Encryption series. The author is donating all profits from this book to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

A bit about Kim and Path of the Stray

Kim writes novels about real people in extraordinary situations—nanotechnology, witchcraft, dark magic, quantum computers, fast horses, hot bards, stunning tattoos and environments on the brink of destruction—and the stories carry more than a grain of truth. Between the lines is a wealth of information and insight into the nature of consciousness, law of attraction, astrology and occult studies, quantum physics theory, time and our connection to each other.

Kim says...From the beginning of our oral traditions, we have been telling stories about the ‘supernatural’. It's our way to express and commune with the unknown, and we still need this experience today. By sharing stories that ask ‘what if?’ we prepare for the future and get into alignment with things to come. It opens our minds and empowers us, meaning we get to decide what that future will look like.

About Path of the Stray

In a world of failing technology and environmental collapse, Janis the ‘techno-witch’ must hide her creation, Jarrod, before ASSIST destroys him. But as they flee to Gaela, Jarrod and one of the wolf-like Lupins disappear. Janis’ daughter Ruby searches, though her days on Gaela, where time moves at a different pace, must be cut short. She leaves behind the brewing temple wars where a young priestess named Tryn and her unusual familiar are about to make a discovery that will change the many-worlds forever . . .

Where to get the book: In Australia, you can find Path of the Stray at your local book store. Elsewhere worldwide, you can order online from (shipping is free anywhere in the world). For those with eReaders,

About the Author: Kim Falconer grew up in Santa Cruz, CA. She writes novels for a living and loves to teach and share her astrological and deliberate creation insights with anyone keen or curious. Kim lives in Australia, on the far eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean, with two gorgeous black cats, three crows and a ridiculously magical garden. She’s currently working on a novella, the final (to date) story in the Quantum Encryption series.

Goodreads How it works . . .

Goodreads is a free website for book lovers. Think of it as an enormous library where you can wander through and see everyone's bookshelves, their reviews, and their ratings. You can also post your own reviews, catalog what you have read, are currently reading, and plan to read in the future. Don’t stop there – join and friend ISF and the Ian Somerhalder Book Club, contact author Kim Falconer, and join in our community.
Signing up is simple — you just enter your name, email, and a password. Then rate books to get recommendations for books you might potentially fall in love with.

We have several discussions posted to start with on good reads to help guide you through the book. The discussions can also be seen on the ISF website at the following:



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