ISF College Advisory Board 2016: Call For Applications

We are looking for a group of bright, self-motivated, and innovative individuals to join the ISF College Advisory Board beginning on January 1st, 2017.

It's that time again! The ISF College Division is looking for a group of motivated and hard-working young adults to join our College Advisory Board (CAB).  Over the past few years, a select group of amazing individuals from across the globe have devoted their creativity, skills and time to further the activities and growth of the ISF College Division.  Now, it's your turn!

NEW THIS YEAR: You no longer need to be a college student to participate on ISF's College Advisory Board!!!

We are inviting not only college students and graduates, but any young adult age 18-29 who has creativity, drive, and passion for the causes that ISF stands behind, to apply to become a member of the ISF CAB. We value diversity and innovative thinking and know that you don't necessarily need to choose the college path to make a huge impact in our world. So, what are you waiting for? Let's Do This!

What is the ISF CAB?

The CAB works in conjunction with the College Division in spreading the Ian Somerhalder Foundation's message of activism and sustainability to young adults around the world. The ISF College Team is looking for people who believe in ISF’s mission, demonstrate leadership skills, are passionate about the issues affecting the planet and its creatures, and have time to devote to ISF over the next semester or beyond. The CAB term will be set for 6 months - January 1st through June 30th with the possibility to extend another 6 months depending upon the needs of the College Division and the contributions of the CAB member during their first term.  

CAB responsibilities include but are not limited to:

1. Helping with research and promotion of current ISF College campaigns, programs and projects.

2. Connecting with colleges/universities and students to tell them about ISF and communicate about ways they can get involved.

3. Researching and creating content for the ISF College tumblr page and ISF College webpage.

4. Working directly with our social media team to promote ISF College and its activities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

5. Collaborating with other ISF divisions on programs, projects and campaigns. 

6. Volunteering skills and talents to projects and activities of the ISF College Division or IS Foundation.

7. Communicating regularly with team members via email and social media and participating in team meetings when scheduled.

8. While time requirements vary depending upon activities and availability, CAB members must be able to dedicate blocks of time to work on projects they have committed to.

The deadline for applications is Dec 10th at 11:59 PM EST.  You must be 18 years old as of Jan 1st, 2017 to apply.  Applicants are not limited by geographical location. You can participate on the ISF CAB from anywhere in the world!

PLEASE NOTE: Your application will include a letter of recommendation from someone (such as a teacher, employer, mentor, or adviser) who can speak about your how your unique talents and leadership skills make you a candidate for participation on the ISF College Advisory Board.

You can direct any questions about the application or ISF College Division to

**PLEASE GO TO: to complete the application. **



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