Project STOP the Keystone XL Pipeline

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

The current HUGE campaign that ISF is featuring is about the Keystone XL Pipeline.  But what is the Keystone XL Pipeline, and why would it be so bad for us and our entire world? Instead of reading about the project, watch this video that we made for you. We will explain all about the Keystone XL Pipeline so that it makes sense to you and you can tell your parents and friends about what is going on. Spread the word FAST!



The ISF Youth will be doing a video project for this campaign.  BUT if you are under 13 we still want you to be involved.  Do you remember the HUGE impact that we made with the Sled Dog Petition?  Well, we want to do something similar for this.  ISF wants all the kids that are against the Keystone XL Pipeline to draw us a picture for the campaign.  You can draw a picture of how beautiful our Earth is without the corruption of tar sands, land or animals that are being hurt by the Keystone XL pipeline, farmers and families that are sad about the pipeline being put in, or anything that inspires you.  We also want to give you the chance to write a letter to the White House so they can hear what you think about the Keystone XL Pipeline and Tar Sands.  You can put your first name and country on your drawings.  After we get all of your amazing drawings, we want to make a video to share them with everyone that supports ISF and anyone that knows or wants to know about the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Here is the address to the White House. Please send your drawings and letters to the President, too! 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington DC, 20500.

The deadline for this project is September 18th.

Please send us your drawings to We look forward to seeing your artwork and reading your powerful opinions :)

Please remember that you will need your parent’s permission to work on this project.

After drawing your pictures and writing your letters, we encourage you to send them to President Obama! He needs to know that the children of the WORLD do not want this pipeline extension to be built!



 This website will teach you how caribou are hurt by tar sands. There is even a game to save the caribou! CLICK HERE

This next video is so POWERFUL and explains how the pipeline will affect people living in Nebraska. Watch it and share it with your family!


Start your project NOW!!!! If you’ve been looking for a way to get involved with ISF, the time is now. We can’t wait to see your drawings and share your letters! Imagine being a part of changing our world.

Thank you for caring about the environment!
The ISF Kids Team