Dog fighting is considered one of the most horrific forms of animal cruelty. Dogs are forced to fight one another for entertainment or for profit. They spend their lives conditioned to fight. Although it is a felony in all 50 US states, it unfortunately continues to happen in all parts of our country.

Vida, a 2-year-old mixed breed, was used as a bait dog. She was used in dog fights until she was no longer needed and discarded like trash left to die. After receiving a call from a concerned citizen about a severely injured dog left in the yard of a vacant house, the Stray Rescue of St. Louis stepped in. The rescuers were shocked to see the condition Vida was left in. They immediately took Vida to the emergency vet center after seeing large head wounds and other deep wounds on her legs and body. 

It was clear Vida was in need of serious treatment upon arrival to the vet center. Her right ear was so mangled it had to be removed. Her left ear was also badly ripped in the back, but it was able to be sutured back together and saved. She had several lacerations all over her body which were so severe they left bone exposed. One laceration left a huge hole under her arm and tendons could be seen. Upon arrival to the emergency vet center, she underwent a blood transfusion, right ear removal and suturing in six areas of her body. She would still need an ear canal surgery as well as multiple check ups, suture removals and bandage changes throughout her recovery.

In need of financial assistance, Stray Rescue reached out to ISF and received a Medical Emergency Grant to help cover Vida’s remaining treatments. She was able to receive her last surgery and responded positively to all her treatments. The vets even managed to save her front leg which originally they were afraid she might lose.

All her lacerations healed nicely and Vida seemed to know she had been saved by her human friends.  Even though Vida endured horrible treatment by humans, she remained extremely trusting and forgiving. She is a sweet and gentle girl who just wants to be loved. She loves to snuggle with her human friends and loves to rest her head in their hands. After making a full recovery, Vida was adopted by the Vet Clinic Manager at Stray Rescue who felt an immediate bond with Vida when she was initially brought in to be seen. She is now enjoying life in her forever home with her dachshund brother, Dudley! Aimee, from Stray Rescue, wrote to ISF saying, “We are very grateful for the support from ISF which has helped to make it possible for us to provide Vida with the lifesaving medical care she needed and deserved. She’s now living the life we wish for all of our rescued animals.” 

Written by: Francesca Pollio

Edited by: Bob Stone