World's Largest Lesson



The World’s Largest Lesson is asking educators everywhere to share the #GlobalGoals for Sustainable Development with their students and inspire a generation committed to making the Goals a reality by 2030.

Last year the World’s Largest Lesson was shared in 160 countries. This year, let’s see if we can empower even more children, in more countries to champion the #GlobalGoals.

This year, we extend this message by inviting young people everywhere to “invent, innovate and campaign” for the Global Goals they care about.

ISF has a special focus on Goal 15 - Life on Land- because Ian is the host for a Wild for Life Lesson Plan that aims to help the UN tackle the illegal trade in wildlife, which is driving many species to the bring of extinction. Ian is a Campaign Leader for Wild for Life and is championing Pangolins (a prehistoric scaly anteater that most people have never even heard of but that is the most illegal trafficked mammal in the WORLD!).

Ian would love for you to join him to make wildlife crime personal. 

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