Ask The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, to Attend Rio+20

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                                On 20 - 22 June, 2012 world leaders will travel to Rio de Janeiro for the United Nations Rio+20 Conference. The goal is to approve a plan where governments and private sector organizations work together to ensure equality for the earth as a whole. Essentially, the conference will shape the future of our planet and everyone on it.


The conference was originally due to take place at the start of June. However, the UK's Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee celebration conflicted with the dates and the UK's Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced that he would not attend Rio+20. The dates of the Conference were changed but Mr. Cameron is still not attending and in his place sending his Deputy, Mr. Nick Clegg.

We need all of our World Leaders to work together and find solutions to the critical and urgent problems our planet is facing. Let PM Cameron know you want him to attend the UN Rio+20 by writing , emailing or calling his office. Use the letter below or write him your own letter. It is important that Mr. Cameron hear from you.

To the Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Prime Minster and Conservative Party Leader,

I am writing to ask you to attend the UN Rio+20 Conference taking place from 20 - 22 June, 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Attendance at this conference for all world leaders is essential and urgent. Our planet is currently sick and something must be done to protect it so that our children and children's children will have a clean, sustainable environment, equal rights, and only learn about poverty from history books. Action by every country needs to be taken now if we are to survive.

The Rio+20 Conference dates were changed so that you and other leaders could attend after its original dates conflicted with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee.

We need influential world leaders like you to commit to changing the harm our earth is suffering. Your attendance is critical. Our future depends on your actions.


Your Name

Here is the link with the address, email or phone number for Mr. Cameron’s office.

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