Tom Erb Pomona College Claremont, CA   My name is Tom Erb. I am a sophomore at Pomona College in Claremont, CA and I believe my voice matters. I believe we will eventually have true climate justice an...
Molly O'Neill University of Delaware, 2018 Oceanport, New Jersey  What is leadership? As it is becoming a popular, progressive field of study that is gaining more and more interest, you may...
Kimberly Willig Seton Hall University, '17 Holmdel, New Jersey   Bringing an animal back to life - an outlandish and impossible task. Or is it? It was not long ago that when an animal bec...
ISF College Advisory Board 2016: Call For Applications

Application period is currently open! Application deadline is June 17th at 11:59PM ET. 


Historic Agreement in Paris

Two degrees Celsius; the most important number saving the world.  History was made in Paris as world leaders from over 150 nations signed an international agreement at COP21.  Giving hope to future generations, the agreement is sending an urgent global message to kick fossil fuels to the curb and expand renewable sources.  Being the first of its kind the agreement alone won’t solve climate change as a whole but for climate activists this is a huge victory!