This month I am going to review a company that is not only committed to being cruelty free, but saving the planet while doing so! If you go check out their website you can see what changes this compan...
Every corner of the globe, from the skies overhead to the deepest parts of the ocean, is experiencing habitat loss, destruction, poaching, and climate change—all causing more and more amazing animals...
Coral reefs are often called the “rainforests of the sea” because they support about 25% of all known marine species. The variety of species living on coral reefs is greater than almost an...
#Time4TheTalk: How YOU Can Help Our Pollinators!

We’ve talked a lot in the last few months about the birds and the bees…now we need to have another really important talk! A talk about what you can do to help them!! We can all change the world, so why not change the world for our pollinators?

#Time4TheTalk: 8 Facts About Butterflies, Why They Matter, and How Climate Change Affects Them

Continuing our pollinator campaign, we discuss one of the most loved pollinators: the butterflies! Sadly, science is telling us that climate change is having a major impact on these glorious creatures. Let's explore a few key points about why butterflies are important, what their declining numbers say about the environment, and fun ways we can all get involved to help.