To understand the effects of invasive species, we first have to understand what an invasive species is. There are exotic or alien species that have been introduced into a new environment but do not...
Lionfish have long been known to bring beauty and wonder to aquariums worldwide, but now they are becoming one of the biggest threats to reefs in the Atlantic as invasive species.  According to B...
We’ve probably all seen them on television or in movies—adorable chimpanzees who walk into a scene smiling and childlike, dressed up in cute clothing, appealing to audiences with their charm and human...
How Exotic Creatures as Pets Can IMPACT Both Animal and Owner

A lot of people have pets—dogs, cats, fish, birds, tortoises—while many consider the latter falling more into the “exotic” arena, there are animals being kept as “pets” that make your tortoise seem mundane (lions, tigers, and yes, bears; oh my!).

Halfway to Home: Using Social Media for Good
Often, when you log into social media, you feel you’ve fallen hard and fast down the rabbit hole.