Lush Cosmetics We cannot talk about cruelty free companies and not talk about Lush cosmetics. This company is truly one of a kind. Not only are Lush cosmetics cruelty free, but they avidly fight again...
There is something about the warming of the weather, with the sun shining longer and brighter, that brings a certain sense of joy to us Earth dwellers. And we are not the only ones joyful! After mont...
Technology is moving at such a fast pace, it can make your head spin. But, with all the hi-tech gadgets and gizmos, we have yet to invent a time machine (although my own daughter would like to invent...
#Time4theTalk:Pollinator Season is Here!
It’s that time of year again everybody!! The time of the year when you look outside and see beautiful colors blossoming and birds and bees excitedly flying from one flower to the next…yes, it’s time again to have that important talk about pollination!
Nobody Wins in Trophy Hunting

Most people think of winning when they hear the word ‘trophy’. It symbolizes being the best, or at least, trying your best and successfully competing. Now, what about the word, ‘hunting’?