Happy summer everyone! Who doesn’t love the warm weather, getting to drive around with the sun glowing on their skin, and the wind blowing through their hair? We humans love it too! What better way to...
Whether you are new here or have been with ISF since the beginning, it is no secret that we love our pets! These furry—or scaly, smooth, even prickly—friends are part of our families and we would do j...
Summertime means warmer weather and lots of time at the beach! But, nothing ruins a perfect beach day more than a jellyfish sting or a pinch from a crab. Jellyfish, octopus, pufferfish, and stingrays...
#Time4TheTalk: The Birds and the Bees

Parents and children, it’s time to sit down and have THE TALK. You know the one, the one about the birds and the bees? I know this can be uncomfortable, but it’s time we all sat down and cleared things up in regard to the importance of the birds and the bees. Are you ready? 

The Meatless Way: Speciesism, Animals, and You

Over the past few months the Creatures division has given you guys a lot of information about living a meatless life-we’ve talked to you about how to maintain a healthy meatless lifestyle, and we’ve discussed with you the health impacts a meat-full diet can have on both you and the environment.