By now, we’re all very aware of the many challenges to earth’s creatures. The oceans are trashed beyond belief, forests and other habitats are being destroyed, and magnificent animals are poached, jus...
Picture yourself getting ready for a nice hike through the wilderness. You have your gear: boots, backpack, water bottle, snacks and your cat all ready to go. No, that wasn’t a typo, you read correctl...
Meatless May is a great opportunity to broaden not just your, but your friends and family’s minds on all the great reasons to incorporate a more plant-based, meat-less diet into your life. If yo...
ISF Creatures Presents... #ISF4Oceans!

Like many of you reading this, we here at ISF Creatures (as well as ALL of ISF!) love this beautiful planet we are lucky enough to call home; we love the trees, the fresh air, all of the creatures who inhabit it, and, of course, the oceans!

Celebrate Meatless May with ISF Creatures!
The decision to embark on a meatless diet is a serious one. A meat-full diet has been proven to have a negative IMPACT on Mother Earth, the creatures that inhabit her, and our own health!