Most people can think of a million different things that may kill our winged friends, but very little realize a top killer is something we look through every day. Window collision is the top killer of...
Irrawaddy Dolphins are one of the most endangered cetaceans. They are currently threatened by entanglement in fishing nets in the Mekong River, as well habitat destruction. The small nation of Laos wa...
The Monarch butterfly is simply an amazing creature that survives by migrating and hibernating each year.  They are the only insect that survives by making a 2500 mile journey every year, in order to...
#Time4TheTalk: 8 Facts About Butterflies, Why They Matter, and How Climate Change Affects Them

Continuing our pollinator campaign, we discuss one of the most loved pollinators: the butterflies! Sadly, science is telling us that climate change is having a major impact on these glorious creatures. Let's explore a few key points about why butterflies are important, what their declining numbers say about the environment, and fun ways we can all get involved to help.

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Dr. Hannibal Lecter: First and worst sign of sociopathic behavior: cruelty to animals.