Admit it, it’s no secret: we love our plastics. Plastic is literally anywhere and everywhere in our world: children’s toys, grocery bags, water bottles, car keys, pens, furniture, signs, and the major...
One of the World Heritage Sites, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park of Australia, has recently been approved as a dumping site for dredge spoil from the Abbot Point coal terminal…one hundred and six m...
Each summer, scientists gather more evidence that several pollinator species are dwindling due to environmental factors like land development and the use of pesticides. That’s why it has become...
Environment Fight Club: Plastic Bags vs. Paper Bags vs. Reusable Bags (Round 4)
Are you ready for Round 4? This month our division brings you a triple threat match and declares a unanimous winner!
Environment Fight Club: Organic vs. Non-Organic Pet Food (Round 3)
And here we are, back for Round 3 of our monthly Environment Fight Club! Who will win the battle between Organic vs. Non-Organic Pet Food? Find out!