Recently, the IS Foundation joined an international network of more than one hundred and twenty organizations on six continents to unveil a powerful new Global Paper Vision ai...
The sun—that giant sphere of light shining down from the sky—in a nutshell, is the definition of solar energy. National Geographic more firmly defines solar energy as “the technology...
If you’ve ever looked into the cost of going solar for your power needs at home and feared you’d never be able to afford it, it’s time to look again. With the interest in solar energ...
Environment Fight Club: Organic vs. Non-Organic Pet Food (Round 3)
And here we are, back for Round 3 of our monthly Environment Fight Club! Who will win the battle between Organic vs. Non-Organic Pet Food? Find out!
Environment Fight Club: Incinerators vs. Landfills (Round 2)
Welcome to the second round in our Environment Fight Club! This month, our opponents square off to see who is more effective at getting rid of waste products. Which one is more polluting? Which one is better for the environment? Will there be a declared winner? Find out!