Water covers more than 70% of the earth. Water forms glaciers, lakes, rivers, moisture in the soil, moisture in the air, and the oceans; water shapes the earth and is a vital source of life. Everyone...
It’s becoming more well-known that factory meat, eggs, dairy, and crop farms are bad for the environment; perhaps many people don’t realize how many ways factory farms can cause harm. In contrast with...
Raise your hand if you watched wrestling or boxing as a kid. Keep it raised if you still watch it. Okay, you can put it down now. Just in case you have never watched either on television, let me set t...
The "Save a Cup" Challenge Results Are In: Now This is EPIC!

One month.

One challenge.

Big impact!

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation Challenges You to Save a Cup!

When you reach for your cup--is it plastic or paper, a reusable water bottle, a coffee mug--what are you drinking out of? Every time you take a sip from your paper coffee cup or flimsy plastic water cup, you are using a single use cup.

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation is challenging you to work with us and save a cup.