Although there is growing interest in using green technology more in daily life, it may be argued that practicing sustainability requires fundamental change and overcoming the main challenge of attitu...
"Science fiction at its best is about exploring issues of how humanity deals with change. And no process of change threatens us more radically than what we are doing now to a natural environment we to...
It’s no secret that climate change has become a global problem that can no longer be ignored and many cities around the world are taking action to combat it. One city in particular that is commi...
Environment Fight Club: Halogen Incandescents vs. CFLs vs. LEDs (Round 7)
It’s time for this month’s fight club face off! In the ring today are not two, but three contestants! The holidays are fast approaching and electricity demands are on the rise as festive lights are being plugged to shine through the nights. Now more than ever it’s important to know exactly what we are plugging in. It’s a light bulb fight and we’ve got halogen incandescents versus compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) versus light emitting diodes (LEDs)!
Environment Fight Club: Paperback Books vs. E-Readers (Round 8)
This round, two new opponents take the ring and square off to be crowned the environmental winner. In one corner, we have Paperback Books and in the other corner, we have E-Readers. Who will win? Will a winner be declared? The answer is not as black and white as the printed words and the paper (or screen).