Environment Fight Club

Environment Fight Club

In ISF's Fight Club, we have two or more opponents square off against each other to try to win the distinction of being more environmentally friendly.   






Paperback Vs. E-Readers

Two opponents take the ring and square off to be crowned the environmental winner.  In one corner, we have Paperback Books and in the other corner, we have E-Readers. Who will win? The answer is not as black and white as the printed words and the paper (or screen). 

Paperback Vs. E-Readers


We are bringing you some new opponents to square off in the ring. Who will win the title of most environmentally friendly? Find out in our brand new round!

Plasma VS. LED VS LCD: Which Television is the most Enviromentally Friendly?

Disposable Diapers vs. Cloth Diapers

Next up: Disposable Diapers vs. Cloth Diapers! Think you know who takes the cake on this one? Find out!

Disposable Diapers VS Cloth Diapers

Plastic Bags VS Paper Bags VS Reusable Bags

In this round we bring you a triple threat match and declare a unanimous winner!

Pastic Bags VS Paper Bags VS Reusable Bags

Organic vs. Non-Organic Pet Food

Here we are, back for another round of our Environment Fight Club! Who will win the battle between Organic vs. Non-Organic Pet Food? Find out!

Organic VS Non-Organic Pet Food

Incinerators VS Landfills

Welcome to the next round in our Environment Fight Club! This month, our opponents square off to see who is more effective at getting rid of waste products. Which one is more polluting? Which one is better for the environment? Will there be a declared winner? Find out!

Incinerators VS Landfills

Diswasher VS Hand Washing

The Environment Fight Club battle where two opponents square off for the ultimate title of Eco-Friendly! Will there be a declared winner? Find out!

Dishwasher VS Hand Washing