~ Ian Somerhalder ~

President US

Cori Calkins

College Division Manager US Driven by love. Fueled by connection. Inspired by creative minds & courageous spirits. Champion of human potential: Evolve. Lover of science & the sea. Must.Have.Chocolate. &Wine.&Music

Jules Trace

Youth Division Director US Tie dye personality who LOVES being weird. Happiness Rules. Consuming appreciation for ALL organisms. Creativity gives me life, Awakening gives me meaning. Animals>Everything. Youth>Adults. Joby & Olina=BFFs. Say hi to me at a Convention! @JulesTrace

Kate Harms

Creatures Division Manager US I have an innate passion to protect the environment and animals. This is as natural and necessary as breathing to me. I believe without education and action, passion will only ever be of the heart and never make a difference.

Katie Evans

Director of Cultivation US

Veronica Hampton

Director of Operations US Organic vegan dancer soul in love with my dogs. Quietly intelligent. Driven by solution based action to help animals.

Vivian Perkins

Donor Relations Coordinator US Vivacious. Animal lover. Gypsy blood craves travel. Entrepreneurial mind focused to best my goals. Excited by passionate driven individuals. Inspired by compassion. Determined to create change. Need chocolate!