Youth Volunteers

The 2018 Youth Volunteers are an inspiring group of global changemakers under the age of 18 who will complete a 1 year volunteer program with ISF. Each of the youth below were selected to be a part of this program from their applications describing their passions, talents and why they want to save our Planet and Creatures. Our program mission is to educate and support the rising generations to take action and to inspire hope and change for our planet.

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Watch our amazing Youth volunteers in the recap video below! Many of these volunteers stayed with us as "Alumni" for 2018. All Alumni have been volunteering with ISF for 1+ years.

2018 Volunteers


Hi, my name is Kamryn! I am 16 years old, in 10th grade, and I live in Virginia. As long as I can remember, I have been active in volunteering and community service. I grew up learning to help others in whatever way I can. I am committed to participating in projects that make a positive impact on my community, the environment, animals, etc. I am active in the 4-H, Ruri-Teen, Photo, and International Clubs.

In 4-H, I have learned about sod farms, landfills, embryology, dog training, horses, alpacas, volunteering/community service, and so much more! The Ruri-Teen Club allows me to volunteer in many different service projects that promote and improve our local community, including meal packing, food donations, family sponsorships, shelter assistance, pediatric cancer support, "Go Green" projects, etc. Photography is a growing passion of mine, and a big part of my life. I take pictures of anything and everything, and I always want to learn more! I've always enjoyed nature, hiking, camping, and I love and am compassionate towards all animals, especially dogs and sea turtles! I hope to be a travel and wildlife photographer for National Geographic. It would be amazing to travel to different places to assist with projects, and create photo journals in order to promote awareness. I believe that we need to work together in order to take care of each other and our world!

In addition to clubs and volunteering, I play softball, piano, and I participate in several choirs. In general, I really love music, and I enjoy singing. I enjoy going on mission trips; I learn so much about local community efforts in other states!

I am excited to be part of ISF, and I look forward to all that we will do together in 2018!! Thank you for the opportunity!



Hi, my name is Edwin and I am 6 years old! I live in Houston, Texas. I love soccer and my favorite animals are cats. When I grow up I want to be an animal doctor, or maybe a ninja. In the summer time I like to go with my mom and plant flowers in the garden. Did you know that there was a big storm in Houston? After the storm there was a lot of trash on the roads and the parks. It was so gross. I went to play soccer and there was trash laying everywhere! Now I want to stop litter. That's why I'm excited to join ISF!


My name is Allison and  I'm from Ohio. I live with my parents, younger brother and our three year old Labrador Molly, the goofiest dog in the history of dogs!  I'm 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. In my free time I love to read, write, sketch and paint. In the future I would either like to to a nurse, and I would also like to have a ranch somewhere down the line.   I wanted to join ISF because I'm tired of seeing animals mistreated, like at our local malls. As well as the elephant ivory trade. I'm glad I will get to use my voice to educate people about the planet and its animals, as well as talk about my own passions and potential projects I would like to start! I'm so happy I was welcomed into the ISF Family!


Hi my name is Charisma. I am 17 years old and was born and raised in sunny Southern California. I come from a family of seven and currently have four pets; Lambie our chihuahua, Deja our german shepherd x aussie mix, Bowie our mystery pitbull mix (who is my absolute best friend), and my rabbit Freya. I am always advocating for adoption and rescuing animals over going to breeders and pet stores, for obvious reasons. I volunteer for a local dog rescue group and am very passionate about animals. I am vegetarian, and hope one day to go fully vegan. In the future I would love nothing more than to start my own animal rescue and take in animals of all types, from dogs, cats, and rabbits to horses, reptiles, and livestock animals too! I also advocate for vegetarianism and veganism, and even attended the 2017 Official Animal Rights March in LA. I plan to attend more marches and peaceful protests in the future too! I absolutely love working with likeminded people who are just as passionate about these things as me because it is great to know that there are other young people out there who are not only aware of these issues but also motivated to make a difference.


Dylan here, and I’m an ISF Youth Volunteer Alumni. I live in the great state of Michigan, where whitetail deer roam free and coyotes howl at night. When I’m not busy being the change I want to see in our world, I enjoy rescuing animals, working on cars, especially classic cars (like the ‘69 Camaro on The Vampire Diaries), and enjoy cruising in my Grandfather’s ’68 Camaro. I am a second degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and am working toward my Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts. I also enjoy running track, playing video games, and hanging out with my family. I have two dogs named Magnum and Marley, along with our cats Josie, Sam, Jacob, Tyler, Rohan, Stefan, and Autumn who we rescued. Joining ISF has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I can’t imagine ever not being a part of it. I’ve met the most amazing friends who not only share my love and passion for protecting our environment, but have also become part of my family. I’m excited for this year and can’t wait to see what awesome change we create together. Let’s rock this!


My name is Piper, I am 10 years old, in the 5th grade and live in Ohio.

I believe everyone has a voice, can make a difference regardless of how young they are and everybody is creative in their own way. I feel everyone should be able to express themselves in forms such as music, dress, art, sports, and writing. I have been on student council for the past 2 years at my school.  I love all things fashion and animals, especially dogs. I have 2 pit mixes and they are the best dogs ever. Being an animal advocate is my passion.

I volunteer with my mom at a local non-profit rescue called All About The Paw that specializes in finding homes for dogs.  What is so special about these dogs that I LOVE and that I want to be the voice of is that the dogs are in their foster homes until they find their forever home. These dogs are ones pulled from shelters that are at risk of euthanasia because of their breed, age, have medical issues and/or behavioral issues.

In the county we I live, one of the cities close to me is in the process of enforcing their BSL, specifically for Pit Bulls.  The law has been there for years, but never really enforced until recently. My passion is to work on getting BSL stopped not only where I live but all over the world.  I might only be 10 but I understand that breed specific legislation needs to stop. Last year in 4th grade I spoke to classmates and teachers about pitties and how they are a misunderstood breed. I work hard getting people to understand that pitties are not bad dogs because of what breed they are. Dogs are bad because of how we as humans treat/raise them. There are no bad breeds, just dogs (any breed) not raised correctly.

I think being part of ISF Youth is a wonderful opportunity because I feel that even though we might be young, we can make a difference if given the education, guidance and chance.



Hi, I’m Sydney. I am 12 years old. I live in Georgia, USA which is in the southeastern part of the US. I enjoy photography, especially when I am able to take photos of nature and wildlife. I have two dogs, two cats, (Four if you count the ones that stay on our property. We have gotten them vetted and we feed and give them water.) and a snake. I enjoy learning about space, and I am going to go to space camp in the summer of 2018 (yay!). I also volunteer for an animal rescue in Cumming, Georgia. I'm so happy that this will be my third-year volunteering for ISF, and I hope that we do a lot of neat things for the environment and animals!



Hi I'm Mason and I'm 13 years old. I've been apart of ISF since I was 7 and it's been the best time ever because I love animals and protecting the environment and ISF let's me have a voice and do awesome projects. I'm from London England and I have 3 dogs and a cat who I love more than anything, I love traveling, hiking, riding my bike, American Football and I love drawing. I love all animals but Sea Turtles are my favourite animal which makes sense as the ocean is my favorite place in the world.


Hi, my name is Logan. I am ten years old and live in Michigan. I'm an ISF Youth Volunteer Alumni who wants to help the world and our environment. I want to help save the whales in our oceans and I want to help make the world a cleaner place. Every season I work with my family to pick up litter and waste in our community to make our planet greener. I want to help bring back our rainforests by teaching people the importance of preserving them because it provides us with oxygen, medicine, combats climate change, and provides habitat for our precious creatures. I do my best to educate those around me on how to reduce waste, eat healthily, and protect all wildlife. My favorite species is the humpback whale and I’d like to work with ISF to protect them and increase their population numbers. I also love chickens! When I’m not protecting Mother Earth I enjoy eating vegetarian pizza, playing football, swimming, reading, writing, drawing, scouting, playing outside with my brothers, watching Friends, beating my brothers at Monopoly, and cuddling with my rescued kitties Jacob, Sam, Tyler, Rohan, Stefan, and Autumn. Thank you, ISF for giving me the opportunity to be the hero nature needs.


My name is Annaliese and I'm in 5th grade. I love animals and nature. My favorite animal is the Fennec fox. I live in Pennsylvania with my family and pets. I have a bunny, two dogs, and two chickens. I like to play field hockey and draw.  I want to be a biologist and Olympian when I grow up.


Hi, I’m Jaxon! I’m eight years old. I like saving animals to keep them safe and from becoming endangered. If I find a bug in our house, I carry him outside to set him free. I want to help save our Elephants and stop people from killing them for money. This upsets me and I want to change the way the world treats our wildlife. I don’t like plastic and carry an eco-friendly lunch to school that has zero waste. I am working hard to get my classmates to do the same and to eat organic foods and less meat. When I grow up I want to have an animal sanctuary where animals can live free without the threat of being harmed. When I met Ian for the first time, I just knew that I had to become an ISF Youth Volunteer so I could help teach the world what Ian has taught me. I love ISF and am so happy to continue our work together as a Youth Alumni. I like to play tennis, X-box, Minecraft, tag, Cub Scouting, swimming, and playing outside with my brothers and friends. I LOVE to be outside! And, I also collect Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh cards.



Hi, my name is Bailey and I am 17 years old. I’m currently in eleventh grade. I live in New Jersey with my family and my dog Derek Jeter. I am so excited to be a part of ISF this year and cannot wait to see what the future holds. Besides going to school and volunteering with ISF, I love watching supernatural shows and movies. I love experimenting with special effects makeup and turning my family and friends into scary and frightening creatures. I am looking forward to helping educate and inform today's youth about how important our environment is not only to us, but all those we share this planet with.


Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to be returning for my second year as an alum! I have SO many plans in my head just waiting to make change with my teammates! I'm passionate about socioeconomic change and poaching animals for sport. I still love girl scouts but with a jammed packed schedule there needed to be some changes made. I'm an Independent Girl Scout.

 I LOVE My High School...I'm a volleyball player, Otaku, lol. I sing and still love Pentatonix even though Avi is gone.

 I continue to draw animals and manga/anime. My long term dream of working as a vet with the Lataka Brothers is getting closer! I'm going to UF this summer for 2 wks to be a "real" vet student!

Bring it on 2018...... I'm ready



Hi! My name is Mya Grace and I'm 11 years old. I live Indiana. I've had a lot of fun in ISF this past year. My favorite project was the supply drive for the animal shelter and I can't wait to see what we are gonna work on next year. I love animals! My favorite color is purple and I love to sing and dance! I also like to sketch! I hope we have a great year and can't wait to make lots of new friends!

 Love, Mya Grace


Hi! I’m Nate. I am a very active seven year old living in Canada. I love sharks and other ocean animals. I want to be a shark biologist when I grow up because I want to study and protect these beautiful creatures. I love to travel, especially to places where I can spend time in the ocean. I care a lot about the environment, particularly water conservation. I am also an Earth Ranger. I am excited to be a part of ISF!



My name is Amanda and I am 17 years old. This is my second year of being a youth volunteer for ISF and I couldn’t be more excited! I am an animal and environment lover. I have two cats named Jack and Jill as well as a dog named Indy. I’m always snapping pictures whether it’s of my adorable pets or the beauty of nature. Ian is my role model and I am so thankful to be able to help him with this incredible journey of making a difference in the world.