ISF Emergency Medical Grant For Animals


"Animals have an exquisitely poignant way of teaching us, through demonstration, how to love and be loved. We learn compassion, as well as expand our perception of the infinite connection to the environment around us, from our creature friends--whether they are furry and lick us, or slither and swim. We owe it to these creatures to provide protection, healing and love. That is exactly why I am so proud that the IS Foundation has launched our first grant program -- the Emergency Medical Grant for Animals" - Ian Somerhalder


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It's a Pit Bull's Life - meet Shadow

Throughout history, dogs have been used in combat, in many different roles from logistics to mascots. These dogs not only served as valuable combat assets in the war effort, but also as comforters to their handlers during wartime. In more recent history, “man’s best friends” have expanded their role in helping veterans after they return from war. In week three of our “It’s a Pit Bull’s Life” series, you will meet Shadow. This is a story of a rescued pit bull and the bond he has with the military family he serves.





Lucky Before

It's a Pit Bull's Life  - meet Sylas

According to ISF’s founder, Ian Somerhalder, “You can close your eyes to the things you don’t want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you don’t want to feel”. In the fourth week of our “It’s a pit bull’s life” series as told by our ISF supporters, you will meet Mary and the dog who has her heart, Sylas.


It's a Pit Bull's Life


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