ISF Emergency Medical Grant For Animals


"Animals have an exquisitely poignant way of teaching us, through demonstration, how to love and be loved. We learn compassion, as well as expand our perception of the infinite connection to the environment around us, from our creature friends--whether they are furry and lick us, or slither and swim. We owe it to these creatures to provide protection, healing and love. That is exactly why I am so proud that the IS Foundation has launched our first grant program -- the Emergency Medical Grant for Animals" - Ian Somerhalder


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Helping our senior pets

In with the old, Out with the new


In with the old, out with the new is what several groups from around the country are advocating as they scour shelters to save a particular type of dog. The type of dog they are looking for varies because they aren’t searching for any specific breed, size or gender to rescue. The dogs they seek are known as senior dogs, elderly dogs, or just plain old-timer dogs. As long as the dogs are in or beyond their prime years, the mission is to find them a forever home to live out the rest of their lives. 


Helping our senior pets


 Species Granted      Feb 2014- March 2016

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ISF Medical Grant Statistics

On February 14, 2014, ISF launched our Medical Emergency Grant to help rescuers care for animals recovering from abuse, neglect and traumatic injuries. Since our launch, we have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of amazing individuals and groups to help animals in need get back on their paws, claws, hoofs and flippers. In celebration, we wanted to share some of our grant statistics with ISF’s supporters because together, we do make a difference.

By the end of of the first quarter on 2016, ISF had given out 453 grants. 


Organizations receiving grants in 2016

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Grantee Success Stories