Tree HandWhen it comes to protecting the earth’s incredibly diverse array of species, habitat conservation is really the bottom line. It’s simple if you think about it—protecting species from poaching or overfishing doesn’t accomplish a thing unless those creatures we’ve saved have a place to live.

There are so many different types of habitats all over the world, yet each one faces the threat of human encroachment and destruction. Rainforests are burned to make room for livestock pastures; oceans are polluted, killing coral reefs that house countless fish; and development turns the former homes of plants and animals into brand-new homes for human beings.

The good news is that there are countless alternatives to habitat destruction from new agricultural techniques that take habitat preservation into account to new methods of urban and suburban planning that limit the ill effects of human development on the world around us. The bad news? The fact that not nearly enough of us around the world prioritize these alternatives over the outdated and harmful ways of doing things. It is critical that we take immediate steps to protect the earth’s natural habitats because it’ll be much easier to take care of what we still have now than to try to rebuild what we’ve already lost in the future. 

Upcoming Areas of Focus

  • Extinction
  • Deforestation & Reforestation
  • Conservation
  • BioDiversity