Thank you for your interest in supporting the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. ISF has developed this Four-step Guide for Third Party Fundraisers like you who want to hold a fundraising event on our behalf. We hope this information is helpful and informative

The possibilities are endless and we encourage you to be creative.  Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Bake sale, garage sale, rummage sale or craft sale (perhaps crafts could be made from recycled materials?)
  • People and/or pet fashion show
  • Art auction or silent auction
  • Movie night
  • Lecture
  • Concert or Music Benefit
  • Theater benefit performance
  • Dinning Benefit
  • Carnival
  • Picnic
  • Walk-a-thon
  • Doggie Prom
  • Scavenger Hunt (perhaps with an Eco/recycling theme?)
  • Recycling drive
  • Pledge drive
  • Photo shoot-a-thon
  • Book club read-a-thon

ISF treasures the enthusiasm that is generated by our mission. In order to ensure that this enthusiasm is sustained, it is necessary to limit the types of activities ISF will support. Below is a partial list of events that ISF will NOT support:

  • Record setting endurance events
  • Ideas requiring telemarketing, direct mail, door-to-door sales, or vending machines
  • Ideas requiring the acquisition, use, or solicitation of ISF’s donors, vendors, partners, or employees
  • Ideas requiring Ian's participation (providing autographs, photographs, video, etc. or attending an event)
  • Ideas that market, advertise or promote products or services (Click here to learn about ISF's Cause-Marketing Programs)
  • Ideas associated with products or services deemed inappropriate (including, but not limited to tobacco, adult content, firearms, etc.)

Shooka Caring for Christmas 3rd party fundraiserYou must register your event with ISF, and your event must be approved in advance by ISF. Once your event has been approved you will receive notification about the right to use the ISF name and logo for your fundraising event or promotion. When possible, event registrations should be submitted for approval at least 60 days prior to the beginning of your fundraising event.

PLEASE NOTE: You must register your event and receive approval from ISF before using the ISF logo and name in your promotional materials.

We know you are eager to get started and we promise to contact send you as soon as we can. You must register your event with ISF, and your event must be approved in advance by ISF. Once your event has been approved you will receive email notification about the right to use the ISF name and logo for your third party event/promotion. This is an important safeguard in preserving the integrity of ISF’s name and reputation.

You will also receive information on how to create your own fundraising event web page to share with your friends, family, and fundraiser participants. Building your page takes just a few minutes, and the tools lead you step-by-step through the process.

Pilgram Gives Back 3rd Party FundraiserISF asks that third party fundraisers donate 100% of the contributions they collect during their event to ISF. Event expenses such as food, venue, raw materials and planning time can either be donated by the vendors or absorbed by the third party fundraiser. If this budget model is not possible for your event, we ask that you donate 100% of the net proceeds of the event to ISF, this will provide the maximum benefit possible to ISF. All event planning, organization, costs, and liabilities are the responsibility of the fundraiser.

PLEASE NOTE: Though the staff and volunteers of ISF will be as helpful as possible, their attention must stay focused on primary responsibilities. They will likely not be able to offer much assistance in planning, coordinating, or attending your event. ISF receives an overwhelming number of fundraising event requests asking that Ian attend the event or that ISF provide photographs, autographs, and other items. Unfortunately, ISF is unable to accommodate these requests.

Individual donations are tax-deductible in the United States in accordance with applicable laws.  Donations made by check will be confirmed with an acknowledgement and receipt letter from ISF upon receipt of the donation.  Checks should be made payable to “Ian Somerhalder Foundation” and sent to ISF.  Credit card donations are accepted online at and/or via your Fundraising Event page (should you choose to create one).

ISF is only able to provide acknowledgement and/or receipt letters for cash donations of $50 or more.  For security reasons, ISF cannot accept cash through the mail. All cash donations received during your fundraising event or campaign should be collected and transferred into a personal check, money order, or bank check and sent directly to ISF. Please provide a typed list of names and addresses of the individuals who have donated cash and the amount that each donated – this is the only way that ISF will be able to properly receipt cash donors.

Send all proceeds as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after your fundraising activity has been completed, to:

Ian Somerhalder Foundation
Attn: ISF Fundraising Event
P.O. Box 1760
Santa Monica, CA  90406


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