Angelina, a lab mix puppy of three months, is very lucky to be alive. Several aspects of how she came into the care of Forte Animal Rescue could have gone very differently. Angelina began her life living with a homeless person on the streets of Los Angeles before being rescued by a man who thought he could give her a better life. Sadly, when the man brought her home, his wife was not on board with having a dog. Angelina was about to go to one of Los Angeles’ notorious high kill shelters when Forte stepped in. At the time Forte rescued her, the young puppy still had no name. Forte’s founder Marie told ISF, “Despite the already rough life she’s gone through at the age of only 3 months, she is a sweet, gentle puppy with an angelic demeanor, hence her name Angelina.”

Since Angelina had never had any vaccinations, she was taken to the veterinarian right away for shots. Within a few days, however, Angelina began to show signs of the deadly parvo virus which she had already contracted before rescue. Having experience with parvo and knowing the signs as well as the immediacy of the situation, Forte rushed Angelina to a veterinarian who was able to confirm the diagnosis. Once diagnosed, Angelina went straight into the vet hospital for treatment.

ISF gave Angelina a grant to help pay for some of her treatment and because of Forte’s experience, Angelina received immediate help so she was able to make a full recovery. Forte wrote ISF, “Thankfully, we caught it very early before any of the typical symptoms were apparent, so I believe it contributed to her faster recovery. Though she's still a bit skinny from not eating while sick, if you didn't know, you could not tell that she was fighting for her life only a few weeks ago.”

Fully recovered and available for adoption, a family who saw Angelina through Forte’s website postings came to meet her. Being the perfect fit, Angelina now lives with a wonderful family of four. Of their experience saving Angelina, Forte said, “We are always taking a risk when we rescue an unvaccinated puppy.  What we gained was her life, and happiness for her new family.”


Written by Veronica Hampton