Like Attracts Like worksheet Path of the Stray

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Kim Falconer

Like Attracts Like

What we think is what we get . . .

Law of Attraction says that everything is energy and all energy vibrates.
Like vibrations attract like vibrations. (like attracts like)
Our thoughts and the emotions that power them determine our vibration. Thoughts (as vibration) become the experiences we have in the world. Basically, what we think and strongly believe in (a belief is a thought that we keep thinking) attracts a matching vibration.
To summarise: Everything is energy and energy vibrates, attracting like vibrations to itself. With your thoughts you can change your energy vibration and deliberately attract specific ‘things’ (energy) into your life.
If we want to change our lives we change the way we think.

Examples from Path of the Stray

Below is Ruby remembering a conversation at Treeon Temple when she was talking with her sword Master. He taught her to think different thoughts to create a different experience of ‘reality’ – We always have a choice of what we think. Page 406-407

‘But, Sword Master, it is ghastly the way the bandits
robbed Timbali Temple. The high priestess was
murdered! Doesn’t that frighten you? It’s not safe any
‘Not safe any more? Is that what you think, Ruby?’
Ruby thought of her life on Earth and knew for a
fact that nothing was ‘safe’. Nothing. ‘The high priestess
is dead. That constitutes a safety risk as far as I’m
The Sword Master had chuckled. ‘You need to loosen
your grip, Ruby.’
‘My grip?’ She bent down to pick up a twig. ‘On

Ruby stopped, squaring her shoulders as she faced
her mentor. ‘I don’t get it.’
‘What kind of world do you create, Ruby, when you
think it is not a safe place?’
‘I don’t create anything. The Timbali priestess was
murdered! It isn’t safe!’
‘Exactly! Well done.’
‘That’s the world you create.’
Ruby shook her head.
‘Consider it like this,’ he said. ‘What would you feel
about the world without the thought it isn’t safe?’
‘You mean if I pretended?’
The Sword Master nodded.
Ruby let out a deep breath. ‘I guess I wouldn’t be
having this conversation.’
‘What else?’
Ruby looked at the distant peaks of the Prieta
Mountain range. ‘I’d worry less.’
‘And what would that be like?’
Ruby chuckled. ‘It would feel good. Relaxed. I’d be
more excited about the adventure, about what was
coming next.’ She raised her hands over her head and
twirled. ‘I’d be happy.’
‘You’d be happy?’
‘Yes. Definitely.’
‘Then why do you keep thinking that thought “the
world isn’t safe”?’
Ruby’s hands fell to her sides. ‘You make it sound
like I have a choice.’
‘Young apprentice, it is the only thing you do have.’

Thoughts and Beliefs

Thoughts and beliefs go hand in hand. You can think something is so but if deep down you don’t believe it, your vibration isn’t going to change. Janis

has some great advise here for Ruby on how to change a belief. Start thinking of instances where what you want to experience has happened, and can happen again. Nothing is impossible.

Janis put her arm around her daughter. ‘But if I
know anything about experiencing what you want,
Ruby, it’s that you have to believe in it first. Let’s
not focus on the lack of ability. Instead, let’s do
everything we can to affirm its presence.’
‘If I could remember doing it in the past, I’d have a
little more hope.’
‘That’s a start. I’ll help you regain those memories.’ Page 205-206
* * *
Ruby practices letting go of fearful thoughts and tuning into what she wants .

‘Is Sencia … I mean, is she …’ Ruby couldn’t get the
words out.
‘My mother?’ Allec said. ‘Can you see the
‘Oh.’ Her skin prickled. ‘I can.’ She couldn’t but she
didn’t know what else to say. Her throat tightened
again. How would she eat? I’m going to have fun, she
told herself. I’m going to have well-deserved fun. No
pressure, just fun. She said the mantra over and over
until it no longer seemed so impossible. Page 353

* * *

Check in to what you are attracting

Ask, what am I creating?

Do you think about what you want as if it’s already here, or dwell on what you don’t want?

Do you relive memories of sadness or conflict, or find ways to see the positive in them. Can you imagine a bright and fulfilling future.

How do you see others? As a reflection of yourself or a contrast to yourself?

Can you look at your life as a mirror of where you are focusing your thoughts?

How easy is it to focus on what you want to experience? Do you practice?

Tips for aligning thoughts with desired experiences (deliberate creation)

1) Set an intention for what you will experience. Say it as if it is already so!

2) Find something to appreciate about what is, right here, right now, without a thing having to change.

3) Focus your thoughts on what you want.

4) Let go (meditation, relaxation, exercise, immersion in nature, beauty, love).

5) Do things that make you smile. All the time.

6) Repeat as desired.

One thing we can all do is to focus our thoughts towards reverence for all life. Seeing ourselves as connect and treating everything as a ‘thou’ and not ‘it’ raises our consciousness, heals us, and heals our world. It all starts with appreciation, and practicing new thoughts.

What are your thoughts on the law of attraction – like attracts like? Have you experienced it consciously? Are there times where you have changed your thinking and the situation altered as well? Do you practice being ‘deliberate’ with your thoughts? Why? Why not?