Bella the dog

This seven year old adorable girl is a Collie/Sheltie mix and has quite a story to tell. Seeing she cannot speak for herself, I will tell you her story. Bella, which means beautiful in Italian, was found in a ditch of standing water in April, 2015 and rescued by Tri State Collie Rescue.  The rescue put the word out Bella had been found hoping her owner would come forward, but sadly no one did.

Tri State Collie Rescue then took Bella to the vet for examination. It was discovered Bella had been hit by a car. Her hip had been dislocated and needed to be surgically replaced. It was also found she had a knee injury on the opposite side. This injury was so severe Bella would need external fixtures applied. Because the surgery would be expensive, an Emergency Medical Grant was applied for through ISF with all the necessary paperwork to have the application assessed.  ISF was happy to approve the grant.

The initial surgery was performed for FHO, and an external fixture placed on the knee of the opposite leg. Bella remained at the vet post-surgery for crate rest. Once she began to recover, she was placed in a loving foster home. There, she was able to become more mobile and her foster family assisted her in building up her muscle tissue which had atrophied due to the injury.

Bella deserved a second chance at life as her sweet and loving nature overrides the fact she was clearly neglected previously. Even in the face of adversity she still trusts people. After some time, Bella was walking by herself and continued to improve while being cared for in her foster home.

After so much time together, Bella’s foster family decided Bella fit right in to their home and lifestyle and they decided to keep her. Bella was officially adopted in August 2015. Bella will never need or want anything again and will always be loved and cared for the rest of her days. ISF is so grateful for another happy ending. 



Writen by Popi Doukakis

Edited by Bob Stone