Upon returning to his car after a hunting trip in North Carolina, Chad and a friend discovered a dog limping away from their vehicle. They knew they could not leave the injured dog, so Chad brought him home and named him Bernie. Besides being severely underweight and infested with hundreds of ticks, Bernie’s body was also covered with small wounds, a large sore on his tail and was having difficulty seeing. Chad took Bernie to a veterinarian’s office to scan him for a microchip in the hope of finding Bernie’s family. Bernie did not have a microchip, but he did have ring worms, intestinal worms, hook worms and heart worms!

Chad opted to shave Bernie and clean his wounds himself. This gave the dog and his new owner a chance to bond and spend time together. Chad describes Bernie as shy and told ISF he “is a very sweet dog. He will chase your hand around with his head to keep you petting him. He seems to have been through a lot. In addition to the wounds he has, there are a lot of scars.”

With Chad taking such amazing care of Bernie, ISF decided to relieve some of the financial burden with a Medical Emergency Grant to help pay for some of Bernie’s heart worm treatments.

As Bernie began to heal, he quickly fell into the household routine which includes two other family dogs.  He has gained fourteen pounds and responded well to his heartworm treatment. Bernie is now heartworm negative and ready to live out a happy life with his new family.