Bruce, a two year old Shetland Sheep Dog had his life changed forever on August 8, 2014. For some, this day would have been like any other ordinary day, but for Bruce things were quite different. Bruce and his mom lived with their human family. On Aug. 8th, however, the family decided they could no longer keep or care for Bruce and his mom any longer. The family made a call to the Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue (COSR) and asked them to come and collect the two dogs.

The rescue arrived and took the dogs back to their Shelter. Shortly afterward, they took Bruce and his mom to see a veterinarian to make sure they were healthy enough for adoption. The vet detected a murmur in Bruce’s heart and referred COSR to a Cardiologist for further examination.

There, it was discovered Bruce had a congenital heart defect called PDA. PDA is a condition which, if left untreated, would ensure Bruce’s life would not be a long one. COSR reached out to ISF for a Medical Emergency Grant to mend Bruce’s broken heart and were granted funds to help pay for a part of the expensive surgery.

According to COSR, Bruce is a very sweet boy and would make a loving companion for the right family. With surgery, Bruce would have a better chance at a very long, healthy and happy life.

Bruce was placed in a foster home with a kind lady who showered him and his mom with love while he awaited his February 2015 surgery date. It was during this time before Bruce’s operation his foster mom let the rescue know she was interested in adopting Bruce. Bruce’s surgery was a success. While under anesthesia he was also neutered and a hind leg declaw was also performed. 

Bruce was then placed back into foster care to be monitored and to recuperate. He had to remain very calm. He could not run, jump or have any rough play for at least three weeks! For Bruce, this was the hardest part as all incisions had to be monitored on a daily basis.

A follow up was scheduled for two weeks post-surgery when his sutures were removed. Upon examination, Bruce’s heart had returned to its normal size and he was healthy enough for adoption. Bruce was adopted on Valentine’s Day. He now is living the life in his own comfy doggy bed with plenty of toys, doggy friends and so much LOVE!


Written by Popi Doukakis

Edited by Bob Stone

March 2016 Update: 

Bruce's mom, Ellie, has also been adopted into a loving home. She has a canine sibling named Roscoe and is doing well. Her new adopters say they "love her to the moon and back".