In August of 2014, Fuzzy Friends Rescue (FFR) in Waco, Texas received a call from a man who had found a dog on the side of the road. In critical shape and urgent need of care, the gentleman put the broken dog into the back of his car and rushed her to FFR. Chelsea, a beautiful young boxer girl, had a broken right front leg which was dangling at an odd angle and still bleeding from what appeared to have been a hit and run accident. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) gave FFR a Medical Emergency Grant to help with the surgery to repair Chelsea’s leg. Chelsea’s veterinarian repaired the compound fracture by inserting a plate into the broken leg. She was then put on crate rest to let her injury heal.

At the time of rescue, it was obvious to the volunteers at FFR Chelsea had either been neglected or abandoned long ago as she was about twenty pounds underweight. Therefore, FFR’s second task was to help Chelsea slowly gain the weight she needed to be healthy. Mandi of FFR wrote to ISF during Chelsea’s recovery to say, “Even after everything Chelsea has been through she is still smiling at us and wagging her tail happily. Being at our rescue is heaven compared to the life she was previously living. She still trusts humans even though our kind is who put her in this situation and made her suffer, starved her and then threw her out.”

A lovable, sweet dog, Chelsea received a lot of attention on FFR’s Facebook page. A lady who saw Chelsea’s story sent in a donation as well as an application to adopt her. FFR thought they would make a perfect match, so an introduction was set up. It was love at first sight! Chelsea’s new adoptive mom agreed to wait until she was completely recovered before taking her home.

Sadly, Chelsea suffered a setback when it was discovered there was a slight crack where the screw was implanted to help heal her broken bone. Chelsea headed back to see her veterinarian, who put her on further bed rest. Being a young, energetic boxer, bed rest did not suit Chelsea at all and she soon became depressed. Because of this, it was decided she should go to her adoptive family early where they could shower her with attention to help her heal. Chelsea is now completely healed and in a happy forever home.