Chico was found by himself running down the highway outside of Astoria, Oregon. Rescuers were able to catch him and brought him to the Clatsop Animal Assistance, Inc. (CAA). Chico seemed fine, but when taken to the animal hospital for further examination, it was discovered Chico had a perianal hernia which caused him to be unable to defecate without human assistance. CAA’s hospital was not equip to handle this type of surgery and without it Chico would be unadoptable and therefore euthanized. With a Medical Emergency Grant from ISF, Chico was transferred to a Veterinary Surgical Center two hours away in Portland. A CAA board member wrote ISF to say, “It's really great to know that animals (even older animals) with expensive emergencies can be treated without financial worries.”

In September of 2014, Chico was able to have a successful surgery to repair his perianal hernia. Once fully recovered and back at CAA’s adoption center, Chico was featured as the “pet of the month” and took part in their annual Surf Sand Resort Dog Show. He was also placed as adoptable on the website “Petfinder”. Two siblings looking for a companion dog for their mother saw Chico on “Petfinder” and thought he might be a good match.  They came in to meet him and were won over by his friendly, easy-going personality. A few days later their mother came and instantly fell in love. Knowing Chico would be wonderful company for her, she adopted him the same day.   


January 2015 update: The Ian Somerhalder Foundation was thrilled to receive this updated photo of Chico with his new family at Christmas. 


Written by Veronica Hampton