Saving the Animals of Marineland

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Just as we humans consider planet earth our home, millions of dolphins, whales, and other sea creatures consider the oceans there’s. Every year, an unspeakable amount of these creatures are taken out of their homes and brought to aquatic facilities where they either perform for paying customers several times a day, or they are left to live in inadequately small tanks so people can pass by and watch them try to survive in their very unsuitable new home.

Many countries and individual states have standards of care required for facilities that house these creatures, but unfortunately, many of them either do not meet the standards, or even worse, some have no standards at all. Change is needed.

In fact, Marineland, an amusement and animal exhibition park in Ontario, Canada, needs to change its practices! Recent allegations of negligence were brought against Marineland, and we need to do something about it! Visit this link to learn more about the issue and help us fight for the implementation of stricter regulations for the animals that call Ontario’s zoo and aquariums home.