While working for a veterinary hospital, Aimee learned from a client of a backyard breeder under investigation for breeding Great Danes in deplorable conditions. Being found guilty, the breeder had to rid themselves of all the animals on their property. Aimee helped with the evacuation and was overwhelmed by the poor conditions she found in both the dogs and other exotic animals on the property. Delilah, a Great Dane of less than one year old, captured Aimee’s heart and went to live with her.

After rescue, it was discovered Delilah had a malformed hip which would need replacement. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) was happy to help Aimee with the cost of the total hip replacement surgery through our Medical Emergency Grant Program in order for her to have a high quality pain free life.

After Delilah’s July 2014 surgery, she bounced back incredibly. Aimee wrote ISF to say: “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping Delilah receive the surgery that has not only changed her life, but has also saved her life.  If she had not been able to have the total hip replacement, her quality of life would have continued its rapid decline due to her chronic pain.” 

Post-surgery, Delilah received cold laser and massage therapy to help relieve the pain as her hip healed. Aimee helped Delilah build muscle strength as well by taking her to work every day, on walks and visits with friends. This also helped Delilah learn to be around people as she came from a backyard breeder where social skills were not a priority. Working on her confidence through interaction with people in the park, on walks and in therapy, Delilah really come out of her shell. She is now excited to make friends with everyone she meets.

Eight weeks post-surgery, Delilah had a positive checkup. She was healing better than anyone had expected. Shortly after Delilah’s clean bill of health she found her forever home. It was love at first sight for both Delilah and her new family, which includes a four year old child for her to play with.