Energy Saving DIY's!

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Saving energy and living the eco-friendly lifestyle doesn't have to be expensive. Technology and creativity have come together time and time again and have proven the naysayers that conservation of resources is possible without emptying out our bank accounts. Want to save energy and still be able to charge your batteries or even any of your portable gadgets? We've done some digging and found fabulous and fun, do-it-yourself solar powered projects for you and your family!

Who would have thought that one could charge batteries with a single playing card? The first DIY project is a quick and easy solar powered charger for rechargeable NiMH AA and AAA batteries. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to make and all the parts you really need are a couple of PV silicon cells, some solettes, magnets, super glue and a playing card! InHabitat shares straightforward instructions along with pictures and a video in their article, DIY: How to Turn a Playing Card Into a Solar Powered Battery Charger!

When you finish all your Altoids, what do you do with that snazzy little Altoid tin? Create Your Own DIY Solar Powered USB Charger for All Your Portable Gadgets! Imagine it: with one little Altoid tin, you'll be able to charge your cellular phones and your MP3 players! This project is a little more complex than the playing card charger but if you don't have any thin-film solar panels or wires lying around, you can purchase a solar USB kit along with detailed instructions from Brown Dog Gadgets!

With so many of us using cellular phones, can you imagine how much power we could save if even we had one less phone to charge? Instructions shares a step by step guide, complete with pictures and pdf, to Build Your Own DIY Solar Powered Mobile Phone.

Save money and convert your standard clock into a fabulous, eco-friendly Solar Powered Clock! This project is the perfect activity to enjoy with your kids while teaching them about renewable energy (a win-win situation)!

Lastly, a much more robust project for the eco-conscious techy: The Renewable You's Solar Powered Electric Go Kart!

Going green can be affordable and fun and we can start saving the planet, one change, one project at a time.

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