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As the gas prices rise and the effects of fossil fuels become more and more devastatingly clear, now is the time to act, to move away from fossil fuels and focus on using clean energy. With only 8% of the world's energy being renewable, it's time to grab onto a lifesaver for our planet. Researchers and scientists at KAM Biotechnology are doing exactly that: developing new technology that can move us away from fossil fuels.

Founded in 1981 by Mr. Mongi Ferchichi, KAM Biotechnology is one of the leading research and development companies in industrial microbiology. KAM Biotech can boast expertise in the areas of bioremediation technology and in the development and commercialization of eco-friendly products and technologies. What began as a venture to create ecologically sound and biological methods of waste removal, wastewater treatment and cleaning agents, has now expanded to include innovative and patented advancements in bio-energy production.

So why are fossil fuels bad? In short: fossil fuels are a rapidly depleting source and the emissions from them are leading causes of global warming, air pollution, the greenhouse effect and various health problems. Today, the US transportation sector relies heavily on petroleum for 95% of its energy and consumes up to 140 billion gallons of gasoline each year! This is a large part of why the US accounts for 22% of the worlds CO2 emissions. With carbon emissions projected to rise from 500mmtc (million metric tons carbon equivalent) to 1000mmtc by the year 2050, KAM Biotech is on a mission to stop that prediction from coming true.

In response to the increasing costs of fossil fuels, both monetary and environmentally, KAM Biotech has developed and been granted patents to several bio-energy projects and have more in development. They have generated groundbreaking advances in the areas of bio-ethanol, bio-hydrogen, bio-diesel, and bio-methane.

Bio-ethanol is a renewable source of energy that reduces petroleum fuel use and reduces CO2 emissions, potentially being carbon neutral. Research at KAM Biotech have yielded advances in microbiology, enabling genetically engineered bacteria to produce ethanol from waste biomass such as hardwood sawdust, sugarcane bagasse, corn grain, cheese whey and mixed paper. What’s even more amazing is that their production methods yield only renewable biogas and fertilizer as waste products!

When it comes to bio-hydrogen, KAM Biotech’s goal is to develop a bioprocess for commercial hydrogen production from local biological waste. Their microbial production methods have returned a clean energy source with no greenhouse gas emissions, no public health side effects, only water as a product of hydrogen combustion and a bioprocess is that is adaptable to any local biomass resource (i.e. cheese whey, pulp mill waste, agricultural residues).

Bio-diesel is an environmentally friendly diesel oil substitute that is clean burning, biodegradable, enables the recycling of used oils (vegetable oils, crude palm oil, etc.), has zero net CO2 emissions, and can provide energy security among many other positive attributes. Contrary to what many believe, there is no engine modifications necessary for today’s vehicles to use bio-diesel and its production is economically viable. KAM Biotech has created a production platform that uses bio-ethanol instead of methanol to produce bio-diesel.

Bio-methane, or biogas, can be used in household cooking, house and water heating, electrical generation, barn heat and the making of alcohol fuels. KAM Biotech has developed methods of production that will use industrial wastes, such as livestock manure, that would otherwise be disposed. Using microbiology, they have created a total waste management system that can reduce pollution, odor control, conserve nutrients, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate clean energy!

The innovation of researchers and scientists at KAM Biotech have created exciting sources and new methods of producing clean energy while reducing waste, recycling materials, and supporting local and world economies. The tiny bacteria, which help complete the circle of life by metabolizing the waste of all living things, are now being overloaded. Our production of waste is greatly exceeding the rate our microbial ecosystem can degenerate it.

CEO Mongi Ferchichi says, “Biotechnology offers the best hope for reversing this trend and restoring environmental balance… By substituting more biotechnologies and biodegradable products into our industrial and chemical processes we can substantially reduce the amount of waste we produce and alleviate many environmental problems at the source.”
Currently, KAM Biotech is working on an exciting project of the bio-desulfurization of diesel fuel.

To learn more about KAM Biotechnology visit www.kambiotechnology.com.
Information in this article courtesy of KAM Biotechnology research, scientific studies and presentations.

-Written by Ines de Sequera