Tech Talk: Solar Powered Gadgets!

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It's a go, go gadget world out there. Practically every aspect of our lives is affected by some piece of technology, from cellular phones, computers and laptops, to coffee makers, fans, vacuums, light bulbs and lawn mowers! And those are just a few house hold examples. Expand the scope to a city and you've literally got millions of items that require our valuable energy. Can you imagine how much we can save if even one gadget in our homes was solar powered?

Now that summer is here, take advantage of the abundant sunshine and get charging! Check out these great ideas and gadgets that will have you saving money, energy and the planet, one gadget at a time!

Own an Amazon Kindle? Charge it, protect it and light up your eBook with SolarFocus' Solar Lighted Cover for Kindle 4!

Need to charge on the go? There's a bag for that. Profolio Solar Bag from Reware is the perfect satchel to carry your small gadgets (such as phones, personal game consoles, digital cameras and MP3 players) and keep them juiced up!

You can also charge your devices at home! There are plenty of solar chargers of all sorts of designs and styles available that can be used for a number of electronic items including but not limited to cellular phones, iPads, MP3 players, E-readers, portable DVD players and most USB-powered devices. They also come in a range of prices for any budget. Here are a few great products:

  • The Window Cling Solar Charger's slick design sticks easily to the window and works well for iPhones, iPods and any other USB chargeable devices.
  • The Freeloader Pro is a useful device that can virtually charge anything! Using its solar panels, the Freeloader Pro charges up its internal battery, which is then used to power your gadgets! It even has a feature that informs you how much battery power is left!
  • Looking to charge your iPhone on the go without a solar bag? Try out the affordable SoL Solar Charger Case for the iPhone 4!
  • Make a stylish sustainable statement with's Electree.

Bring your solar powered genius out into the backyard as well! Want to add lights to your garden? Look for cost-effective solar powered lanterns! You can go beyond lights and search for solar powered lawn mowers as well!

There are so many ways you can save energy. This summer get outside, enjoy the sunshine and juice up your gear with the power of the sun! For more fabulous ideas, visit Enviro Gadget online.

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