Estella, a sweet, friendly German Shepherd mix, sat waiting to be euthanized. Her head showed a concave skull fracture which had healed on its own and believed to have been from a car accident years before. When One More Dog Rescue (OMDR) learned of Estella and her cursed fate, they jumped in to rescue her.

From her previous accident, Estella also suffered from an extreme calcification buildup which ran from her hip and pelvis down to her femur. In order to live a high quality life, this old injury needed to be fixed.

OMDR wrote to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) to tell us of how wonderful it was to watch Estella begin to come out of her shell, “She has a very attentive and caring personality with not only people, but the animals around her as well.” ISF decided to help OMDR with a Medical Emergency Grant to help heal Estella’s old injuries. Estella had the head of her femur removed and the calcification chipped from her bones.

Due to the severity of her injury, two months of physical therapy was also required. Estella exceled at her water therapy which helped her maintain smooth movement of her joints and the use of her right hip joint and leg. During her recuperation process, OMDR wrote ISF saying “Estella is recuperating at an amazing rate thanks to your funding.”

Fully recovered, Estella became known for her strong personality traits which included intelligence and stubbornness. She found her perfect forever home with a family which includes a sweet little boy dedicated to her needs.

Of her experience with Estella, Marcy with OMDR told ISF, “I saw her from shelter to home and that is an experience none of us can ever forget. Estella was one of those rare cases that remind you of why you get into rescue. You don't do it for the people or because it needs to be done. You do it to be able to watch that dogs tail wag as she walks out with her new family. To know she won't have to worry about her next meal or where she can find love again and for that I am extremely grateful.”


Written by Veronica Hampton