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       An eco-friendly auto-industry? Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Does it have to be though? Being green and eco-friendly is easier, less expensive and sustainable for your car. This is what Ryan Ferrero, CEO and founder of Colorado based Green Garage, set out to educate people about nearly three years ago.

        Developing an environment filled with transparency, trust and even a fully functional coffee shop just around the corner, was how the first Green Garage was born.

       His addition to the three R’s- reduce, reuse and recycle, Ferrero believes in the three S’s – save money, save time and sustainability. With research and preparation under his belt, Ferrero decided that green did not mean it had to cost more. Using his sustainable products would give people something that lasted longer. A car did not have to be a ‘time suck’.

          The garage itself is an environmentally friendly space. The rubber flooring is not only eco-friendly but it also makes a more comfortable working environment for the mechanics. Even their uniforms are green and made from post-consumer recycled performance polyester, making it comfortable, easy to launder and saving the company about $ 900/month in maintenance. The mechanics or ‘Car Huggers’ and the individuals at the front desk or the ‘Green Keepers’ as they’re known are trained to generate trust and confidence among customers. The garage is ‘all about education’ and in that spirit it holds a consulting table with the picture of a car divided into its parts. Customers are informed about the kind of work done on their vehicle and why it is being done using the table as an interactive dry erase board.

       True to its name, the Green Garage is also an avid recycler.

The company has a variety of interesting, eco-friendly products they use in their day-to-day work. Their low rolling resistance tires made completely from recycled content gives the vehicle a better fuel economy as does their own special oil filter. They use a re-refined oil with a synthetic blend that is a closed loop system which is much better than relying on oil from the ground. They even recycle the oil they gather from washing the floors at the end of the day.

            With two functional garages in Colorado, Ferrero is expanding other parts in the country – but that isn’t all. The Green Garage is also involved with community outreach and awareness.  They hosted an informational forum known as ‘Wine, women and wrenches’ for women who are interested in learning how they could take care of their own cars in environmentally friendly ways.

           The auto industry has become diseased, according to Ferrero, but cars are needed. They aren’t going anywhere. So why not just find a way to embrace and make the best of it?

          The Ian Somerhalder Foundation congratulates Green Garage for creating an amazing, environmentally conscious company demonstrating how every industry, every business can create wide-sweeping, positive change!

          Check out their vision, it's deliciously conscious and beautifully expressed.

          You can learn more about the Green Garage, its services and its eco-friendly methods at