Hershey is a beautiful, lovable Labrador puppy who got his name not because of his color, but because his sweet nature. Sadly, at just four months old, Hershey was hit by a car and found along with a golden retriever puppy. Later named Angel, the golden retriever refused to leave Hershey’s side after the accident. A bond had clearly formed between the two young dogs. Injured, Hershey was taken to an animal hospital by The Hub Humane Society (HHS) along with his canine pal.

Hershey was unable to use either of his back legs. Despite the considerable pain he was in, he did not try to bite the strangers who were treating him. Clearly trusting those who were there to help, Hershey allowed the astounding amount of leg fractures to be examined. Both Hershey’s femurs were broken along with his tibia and hip socket.

With the help of a grant from The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF), Hershey was transported to Southpaws Veterinary Specialists in Mandeville, Louisiana. There he underwent four surgeries which was quite an ordeal at his young age.

Following his surgeries, Hershey underwent physical therapy for three weeks. He was described as being ‘very mobile and happy’, quite a feat in light of such horrific injuries. However, an unforeseen complication arose. During the accident, Hershey’s tail was injured. This had not been immediately evident and when the injured part of his tail began to die, it had to be amputated. His right leg also developed an infection within the bone which required another surgery to have the plate removed.

Following Hershey’s recovery, HHS sent this statement to ISF: “Thank you again for the very generous support and continuing interest in Hershey's care and recovery.  Without your help, we would not have been able to provide the level of care that Hershey received.” In the end Hershey’s foster family decided to adopt him and the occasion was made even happier when they decided to adopt Hershey’s best friend Angel too.