Hoarding Case

Those Left Behind Foundation, a dog rescue in Nevada, was informed by the neighbor of a hoarder about several unhealthy dogs living on one property. Upon investigation, the rescue uncovered twenty four sick Chihuahua dogs living in exceedingly unsanitary conditions. Of the twenty four dogs, only four had been spayed or neutered, several had skin lacerations and two were missing eye balls. Although scared and unsure of what was transpiring, all the dogs were gently removed from the property. Taken to a veterinarian clinic, the dogs received further evaluations, routine vaccinations, microchips, spay/neuter surgeries and a lot of needed love. Sadly, two of the Chihuahuas passed away within the first couple days of their intake due to heart conditions.

The treating veterinarian recommended dental work including teeth extractions for twelve of the dogs suffering dental disease to prevent infection from spreading into their small bodies. The Ian Somerhalder Foundation provided a Medical Emergency Grant to help pay for some of the dental treatment the Chihuahuas received.

Thankfully, since September of 2014, fourteen of the Chihuahuas have found permanent loving forever homes. Three will need lifetime medical care because of heart and seizure disorders. Those still looking for their happily ever after life will remain in the loving care of Those Left Behind Foundation for as long as they need. 


Written by Veronica Hampton