Jump-Start Your Summer with Gardening Posts from the Past!

It's finally June and what better way to get your summer started than in your own backyard? There's no better therapy for you and our environment than planting a gorgeous garden which helps our bees pollinate, hummingbirds thrive, and sends more oxygen into our atmosphere. Make the most of these beautiful, sunny days outside and start gardening! Not sure how to start? Maybe I can provide you with a few pointers that have been previously submitted to give you some ideas.

With so many entertaining and informative articles being published here on the Ian Somerhalder Foundation website, past articles can get easily buried under our fresh reads. Let's take a look back at our good green gardening features of the past...

  • Technically, it is still spring until June 21. It's not too late to Make Spring Even Greener and get started on your garden! Here's a great read with some basic how-to's that will inspire your most beautiful garden yet!
  • Did you know that you can easily help your local biodiversity thrive with your garden? Here's a challenge that we feel should carry on every spring and summer: Inspire your green thumb with our Step Up to Spring: Biodiversity Challenge!
  • Believe it or not, you don't need to have a house with a sprawling backyard in order to have a garden. Capitalize on your vertical space and create a Traditional Garden on a Vertical Scale!
  • The deadline may have passed for our January features but we love the challenge of Small Space Gardens! One reader sent us a picture of the little garden she built in Tennessee. To our Tennessee friends and anyone dealing with compact outdoor spaces and tricky red clay soil, here's a good quick tip from Shelley Carlton: It Pays to Always Try - Another Gardener Shares Their Solutions.
  • City living shouldn't stop you from creating your dream green space! Add some flower power to your balconies and patios or take your green thumb to the next level with a rooftop garden! Here are some great tips and resources: Greening Our Cities with Rooftop Gardens!
  • Lastly, but certainly not least, is The Bee Crisis. If you haven't already heard about it, we urge you to take a read through this article and get a bee-friendly garden growing! It's up to us to help our vitally important buzzing friends thrive for summers to come!

So friends, get your hands dirty and start digging up the dirt! No matter where you live or how much space you've got, a garden is never out of reach. Treat yourself and the planet to a little green getaway and help nature grow! Stay tuned for our future garden features!


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-Photo Credit: Inés de Sequera


-Written by: Inés de Sequera