Just one week away from giving birth to three kittens, Kerr’s mother was thrown from a moving car in front of a Good Samaritan’s home, who then took her in. Due to the severe trauma she endured, she lost two of the kittens and later passed away from her injuries. The third kitten, Kerr, was born with only half his left hind leg, which had gotten infected. His right hind leg was missing the paw pad. Kerr’s new family took him to their veterinarian who determined the left leg would need to be amputated. They hoped his right leg would develop a callus which could function as a paw pad. With the help of a Medical Emergency Grant from ISF, Kerr (which means Strength) had his leg amputated.

Two days after surgery, Kerr was able to go home with Julie, the lady who rescued him.  Once home, Kerr had a couple episodes where he got sick and passed out. Tests showed nothing wrong and Julie kept a close eye on him. As he continued to heal, she wrote ISF, “Kerr has recovered remarkably from his surgery. He is happy and plays like a normal cat. Although he tires quickly but he bounces right back after a short nap.” With Kerr missing his left leg and his right leg not having a paw, Julie and her family had special ramps built to help Kerr climb. His right foot is continuously monitored as the callus the vet hoped would develop has not formed.

Having no left hind leg and his right hind leg limited, Kerr has a problem with maintaining his balance. Julie remains dedicated to helping Kerr have the most normal life possible. Of their life together now, Julie wrote ISF, “Kerr is the sweetest kitten and loves you as soon as he sees you. He almost died twice on us and it about killed us. He has to have his vaccinations spread out because they make him sick, fed baby food once a week to not get a belly ache and must have his ears scratched twice a day because he can't do it himself. You have to hold him when he uses the litter box so he doesn't fall over for lack of balance and all the boxes are up against the wall in case we're not home so he can lean against the wall. I would not change a thing. Our older cat still hates him and he continues to aggravate her but one day they will love each other. I have never had an animal with special needs and my heart has broken for him watching the fear and pain he's went through, but I am so happy and proud to see his accomplishments and how strong he is. He doesn't give up and has made me stronger.”

Written by Veronica Hampton