This is an amazing recovery story of an animal named Lemon and what can happen when wild animals and domestic animals come together. It can be scary and tragic. Lemon, a five year old Beagle, came face to face with nature in the form of a wild coyote attack. The attack left Lemon with life threatening, open wounds. She was taken to Four Paws Coonhound Rescue and Friends, INC (FPCRF) in El Cajon, California by Animal Control in the hope of saving her life.  The rescue wrote ISF, calling Lemon “lovely, gentle and a very special girl” and was given an ISF grant. 

Arriving at an emergency vet, it was found Lemon’s skin became necrotic (skin cells were dying) from the attack which left her with large areas of skin missing on both her shoulder and leg. To further complicate her wounds, she was also diagnosed with MRSA, a condition where the bacteria on her skin becomes resistant to antibiotics.  She was treated at California Veterinary Specialists in Carlsbad, California for pre-operative care. Lemon had several treatments using negative pressure wound therapy to increase blood flow, stimulate cellular growth and reduce inflammation.  Her wounds were also treated with platelet rich plasma. This allowed surgeons to close her wounds which would have otherwise been untreatable.

According to FPCRF, Lemon is a wonderful beagle and was able to make a full recovery. Throughout her treatment, Lemon lived with a foster mom who decided to make Lemon a permanent member of her family. 


Written by Stefanie Schmidt

Edited by Bob Stone