Magge Mae

At only seven months old, a Great Dane by the name of Maggie Mae was surrendered to a high kill shelter by her owners because she had a skin condition. Maggie was suffering from a severe case of demodex mange. This is caused when a dog’s immune system is not strong enough to fight off mites which normally live on the skin of dogs. In Maggie’s case, the mange was left untreated long enough to cause a secondary skin infection, complete hair loss and oozing sores. Maggie also had a severely damaged and blind eye.

Animal Ark Rescue (AAR) rescued Maggie Mae from the shelter and immediately brought her to one of their foster families. When she arrived, she was terrified and it seemed she had never been inside a home. She was afraid of the TV and barked at the ceiling fan.

AAR took Maggie to the veterinarian for multiple treatments of antibiotics and medicated baths to heal her mange. Her foster family drove her to all of her scheduled vet appointments to help make her well. Because AAR was unable to afford the cost to remove Maggie’s sightless eye, they reached out to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) who was happy to help with a Medical Emergency Grant.

Maggie had her eye removed and a month later was able to make a full recovery from her mange and eye surgery. Now adoptable, AAR listed her on pet adoption websites in the hope of finding the perfect home. Seeing Maggie on Petfinder, a couple who already owned one Great Dane decided they would like to adopt Maggie as well. Maggie now travels the US in an RV with a wonderful, loving family.


Written by Veronica Hampton

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