Mama Oregon

Mama Oregon, a 2-year-old Labrador Shepherd mix dog, was taken to the West Virginia County high kill shelter, by her owner. Oregon was having labor complications and since the owner could not afford veterinarian help, she left her there. Mama Oregon had gone into labor at least a day prior to being left at the shelter and was unable to deliver the puppies. The puppies were too big and the first one became stuck in the birth canal, blocking it for the remaining five still in the womb. The veterinarian staff at the shelter quickly determined Mama Oregon needed to have an emergency C-section to save her life as well as her unborn puppies. The shelter did not participate in emergency surgeries and instead would have killed the pregnant dog had it not been for the care of one veterinarian, who convinced the shelter to turn Oregon over to Pitiful Paws Dog Rescue. Pitiful Paws immediately assumed responsibility for Mama Oregon and had their veterinarian perform the needed C-section. While the treating veterinarian was able to deliver five of the puppies, the one stuck in the birth canal unfortunately did not survive.

It took the entire veterinary staff to get the puppies breathing and stable after the surgery. Once introduced to her puppies, Mama Oregon took to them right away and became an amazing mom.  The vet told the rescue Mama Oregon is “the absolute sweetest girl” and even though she is very timid and shy, she loves to put her head in her rescuers lap and be pet.  The pack was all-male and the puppies were named Sasquatch, Big Foot, Rougarou, Windigo, and Yeti.  Mama Oregon and her babies went into a loving foster home where she could take care of them. Once all the puppies were weaned and old enough for adoption, they quickly found homes. Oregon’s foster mom fell so in love with her, she ended up deciding to adopt Oregon herself.  


Written by Stefanie Schmidt

Edited by Bob Stone