Many Worlds Worksheet for Path of the Stray

Ian Somerhalder Foundation

Kim Falconer

Many-Words and the Corridors Between

Discuss what they are and their place in the story, metaphorically and literally.

How do we get to them?

From Path of the Stray, Tryn, temple initiate, talks to her familiar, Quillian the Were-Fey, about what they’ve discovered. Pg 137

You know Mistress Lyrah watches the cavern. The
council watches too, Tryn. I think they tinker with it —
trying to find its secrets. It felt like a spell, that energy
there, and I think it stopped the wind from escaping the
‘Maybe. And maybe it was meant to do something
What else?
‘I don’t know. Let them in?’
Into the portal?
‘That’s what it’s for, isn’t it? A door to other places?’

Janis discusses the many-worlds theory with Cheng. Pg 36-37

‘I have a theory …’
‘Don’t tell me. You’ve deciphered something from
those occult teachings you dug up?’
‘I have.’
‘Techno-witch,’ he said under his breath.
‘I heard that.’ She laughed. ‘Cheng, I’m only
postulating, so don’t get so defensive.’
‘I’m open,’ he said, crossing his arms.
‘Right. Then consider this possibility. When there is
one photon in two places at once, maybe it’s not
suddenly occupying those two places. Maybe we are
seeing a branching of …’
‘This sounds disturbingly like the many-worlds

theory,’ Cheng said, interrupting.
‘Think about it! We might be seeing the moment of
choice and the branching realities that stem from it. We
catch a glimpse, like a flicker out of the corner of the
‘Ridiculous. When we measure it, observe it front-on,
there’s no glimpsing of anything. It’s back to being a
single particle in a single place,’ Cheng said.
‘You want to know why?’
‘Do I have a choice?’
‘Funny.’ She drew an image and pushed the digi-pad
towards him. ‘The photon appears to be a single particle
when we observe it because our attention is anchored in
a single reality — one photon, one choice, one result.’
‘Are you saying the other choices were there but no
longer exist?’
‘No. I think they do exist! They are merrily
branching their way through infinite worlds and infinite
realities. But we don’t see that. How could we and still
keep our feet on the ground — this ground, this reality?
We see only the choice we focus on. This is about
consciousness, Cheng, not physics.’

Ruby leads Raynar to the portal. pg 555

It was further away than she’d remembered, the door to
the many-worlds. Her body cooled down and she
became more aware of her surroundings — the stench,
the darkness. Still, the shock of the butchers, and
finding Raynar, possessed her. She’d tried to explain
things to him but he was confused. The shock to him
must be tenfold. ‘The portal isn’t far.’

Janis talks to Jarrod while in another universe he creates his Tulpa body. Pg 95

‘Jarrod.’ She tapped his tower, getting his attention.
‘Tell me again where that Tulpa is, please.’
‘As I said, the next juxta quantum arranged
‘Which is where, exactly?’

‘You can’t ever say exactly. It exists only as a
probability, so technically it is everywhere and nowhere
all at once, all the time.’
‘Jarrod! Stop talking like a Piscean and give it to me
straight! Where is that thing?’
‘You’d call it a parallel universe.’
She shook her head. ‘I know there are other worlds.
It’s where your consciousness came from, but, Jarrod, I
didn’t know we could experience two worlds at once.
They are supposed to be separate. That’s what the
corridors do — keep the many-worlds apart.’
‘And they do. In this case, the corridor is so short it’s

Ideas about the Many-Worlds

Being in two places at once isn’t as ‘impossible’ as it sounds—not since Hugh Everett’s Many-Worlds Theory became widely known. The MWT resolves inconsistencies in physics by describing a universe branching with every choice, seeding countless parallel worlds where different events occur. M-theory (the theory formerly known as String) is also gaining support, and includes the concept of many-worlds (many universes). Being aware of multiple ‘realities’ simultaneously isn’t (necessarily) a big problem for consciousness either. It happens all the time, a skill enhanced in certain individuals throughout history, particularly witches and, believe it or not, web surfers.
For centuries, witches (shamans) have journeyed to ‘other places’ while part of their awareness stays ‘behind’ through meditation, spirit journey and other ‘out of body’ experiences. This is a similar model to the now common practice of surfing the internet. Most scholarly investigations agree online experiences take us to another world that is filled with an array of meaning and purpose. The World Wide Web uses metaphors that support this spatial awareness—we talk in chat rooms, we visit sites and home pages, we surf the net. Cyberspace is a ‘place’ where community can develop over time and while we are ‘here’ we are also somewhere else.
Test it: Are you looking at a homepage right now, perhaps the ISF Book Club community, or are you sitting in front of your computer, aware of your surroundings there as well?

We can learn to expand our awareness in two places at once but handling the transitions takes practice. Here are some tips for keeping multiple ‘realities’ smooth and seamless as you travel the many-worlds of Path of the Stray.
Tip 1: Set Clear Intensions: Travelling between the many-worlds requires focus or one can get ‘lost.’ Setting clear intentions reinforces a sense of Self in each ‘reality.’ (see worksheet on ‘Intentions’) Setting strong intentions means focusing daily on who we are and what we want to experience, keeping the idea of infinite possibilities in mind.
Tip 2: Awareness: This is the power of deliberate thought. We can practice this by becoming conscious of how we shift through our ‘multiple-worlds’ every day. Work, home, play, online, off line, with others or alone—different ‘worlds’ bring different aspects of the Self to light. By putting awareness on this process, we develop psychological muscles that will help with larger challenges—like parallel universe travel.
Tip 3: Accoutrements: Our self-image helps to ground us, be it an avatar, user name, skill or attire. It’s like putting on a different ‘hat’ for each ‘job’, each world. In Ruby’s case, she wears temple robes and is connected to the people, animal, lands and rivers of Gaela when she is at Treeon Temple. On Earth, she wears an ASSIST lab coat and works in quantum computing. Having different attributes in multiple ‘realities’ can keep the mind clear and transitions smooth. Ruby may not master the knack of being aware of herself on Earth and Gaela at the same time, but her descendants likely will.
Tip 4: Perspective: From a great enough perspective, the many-worlds are one fundamental and seamless unity. Think of it as different ‘Ruby’s’ belonging to a singular ‘I’. From this place of ‘I’, there is no ‘out there’, only consciousness to which we are all connected (see worksheet on ‘Consciousness’). That greater perspective is a guide, keeping sub-personalities from fragmenting and allowing for a higher state of being. Basically it’s about practice, and experimentation.
Janis talks to Jarrod about the portal under the streets of Half Moon Bay. Pg 98
‘Portal?’ He paused for a moment. ‘Ah. The
doorways to the corridors that link the many-worlds.
You know of one, I see.’

‘It’s nearby, in the sewers.’
‘Lovely. However did you find it?’
‘Quite by accident, while studying the occult horary
manuals. I drew up a chart as an experiment and it led
me straight there.’
‘And have you used the portal before, Janis? Do you
know where it will lead us?’
‘I’ve experimented but not recently. Not since I
developed the juxta-quantum arrangement theory. I was
actually hoping you might have an idea where the portal
will lead . . .’


What part do the corridors and the many-worlds play in the story? Can a ‘place’ be a character? A world? Which of the different attitudes towards the portals and other worlds resonate most? Why? Can you pinpoint any 'corridors' or 'portals' in your life? What are your avatars?

There is also a link to habitat corridors and how they saves animals lives (so they don't genetically bottleneck and die out from not being able to find each other as well as just needing a wide range to feed themselves.) How do the ‘corridors’ in Path of the Stray relate? What is the state of these eco corridors on Earth? Gaela?