Neco thought he was about to begin his new life at twelve years of age with a nice family wanting to give the sweet little Shih Tzu a safe and loving home.  After having Neco checked out at their local vet, it was discovered he suffered from uncontrolled diabetes with blood sugar levels topping 600 and was also blind due to the disease.  It was obvious Neco had suffered long before he finally happened upon someone who tried to help him. The family had good intentions but did not feel they could provide Neco with proper needed care so they reached out to C.A.R.E., an animal rescue group which take in animals who are not as adoptable as others.

C.A.R.E. welcomed Neco into their rescue family and in spite of being sick for so long and probably in pain, the staff members at the vet’s office said Neco was a gentle and sweet little guy.  Once he was with his new foster family, he wasted no time fitting in with several other small dogs residing in the home with him.

Because his condition was so severe, Neco had to spend a lot of time at the vet for glucose monitoring and to receive insulin dosage increases in order to get his diabetes under control. It was going to cost C.A.R.E. quite a bit of money with Neco’s medical bills, but his cute face, enduring strength and the constant wag of his tail confirmed he was worth everything they could do to make his life better. In August of 2014, C.A.R.E. reached out to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF) for assistance with Neco’s medical bills which continuously accumulated after his many visits with the vet. Once the ISF grant was received, Neco’s health improved with medication and regular veterinarian checkups.

C.A.R.E. told ISF, “If we can help the little ones in our care live comfortably through medication and our loving hands, they will be with us as long as they wish to live or until adopted.”

While Neco has yet to be adopted, he has adjusted nicely to his foster home. Not only is he eating well plus getting fat and sassy, he’s made other doggie friends and adores his foster mom. Although he is blind, you would never be able to tell from the way he gets around, seldom bumping into anything, unless he just gets too excited. He’ll need his glucose levels checked periodically for the rest of his life, but his quality of life will be the best it can be from now on.

“As you can imagine, his chances for adoption are not the best being senior, blind and diabetic. But until that right person comes along, Neco is safe with C.A.R.E. and can stay in his foster home as long as it takes,” Maria from C.A.R.E. stated. 


Written by Whitney Norton