Mariel, a volunteer with 100 Plus Animal Rescue (OPAR) was not supposed to be at the boarding facility to pick up a rescued dog for an adoption event. Due to a last minute change in plans, she was asked to go. She told ISF,” I know that I was placed there, that day, at that time, for a reason.” Less than a minute after walking into the facility, a man ran in frantically to tell her of two tiny puppies he found in an alley. Rushing to help, Mariel found two six week old lab puppies, Mack and Pammy, covered in urine and feces. In 90 degree weather, the puppies were left without food or water to die. Mack hovered protectively over his sister Pammy, who withered in pain and was not bearing any weight on her front right paw.

Mariel scooped up the puppies and took them right away to her veterinarian. X-rays showed Pammy suffered from a spiral fracture in her front leg. Both were given fluids for severe dehydration and dewormed. Pammy was also given pain medication and her leg was bandaged. Mariel said, “Pammy has the most loving, gentle personality. Even though she’s in extreme pain, she still wags her little tail.”

Thankfully, when an Orthopedic surgeon was consulted, it was determined Pammy’s fractures were in locations where they would not affect the growth of her six pound body. OPAR partnered with ISF to obtain the funds needed to get Pammy her successful surgery. After surgery OPAR wrote ISF, “Pammy is doing great and thriving in the wonderful and loving home of her foster family. She is doing amazing. Running and playing like all puppies should be.”

Shortly after Pammy made a full recovery, a father of two teenagers saw her picture on OPAR’s Facebook page and inquired about adopting her. After meeting Pammy, the entire family fell in love with her. A home check was completed and Pammy was officially adopted.

Of being at the right place at the right time to be able to rescue Pammy, Mariel said, “Pammy is the strongest little girl even after all that she's gone through in her short life and we are so honored to have been able to help this little angel with the next part of her journey.”


Written by Veronica Hampton

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