Price is an affectionate kitten found injured on the side of a busy road by a volunteer with One Love Animal Rescue (OLAR). Suspected of being hit by a car, Price suffered from a fractured right femur. After examination by a veterinarian, Price was immediately placed in a foster home with other cats until surgery could be performed. OLAR wrote to ISF, “Price is very affectionate and playful. Adorably shy at first, Price quickly warms up to strangers and enjoys both interactive play and receiving treats. Price plays very well with other kittens and is very tolerable of dogs. Price's injury is most obvious as he plays with other kittens as it hinders him from running, climbing and jumping with the skill level of his peers. His injury is also notable in his "crooked" sitting stature while favoring his injured femur.”

Price was awarded a Medical Emergency Grant from ISF and scheduled for surgery in September of 2014. His pre-operative bloodwork, however, showed Price as not healthy enough for surgery. Price was suffering from a lower respiratory infection and placed on antibiotics. His surgery was then rescheduled for the following week. Unfortunately, while he showed improvement, he still was not healthy enough the following week. As the weeks passed without surgery, OLAR began doing home physical therapy with Price to help his hip. Later when Price went back to the veterinarian’s office for another exam and X-Ray, the doctor discovered an increase in his range of motion and determined Price was pain free. If surgery was performed, Price would have to undergo several weeks of recovery with only a chance his range of motion would improve. Together OLAR and their veterinarian decided Price could live a perfectly happy, pain-free life without the femoral head removal surgery, thus focusing on his overall health should be the priority.  OLAR wrote ISF during this time, “Price is a love bug, and his hip range of motion is sufficient enough to allow him to perform normal cat behaviors. Price is now able to jump on low level things, whereas a couple months ago he could only climb. He has developed significant strength in his left leg, but has also increased strength and range of motion in his right (broken) leg.”

Price had other medical issues including a problem with his heart valves closing properly causing him to pant post exercise. X-Rays also showed a suspicious spot on his lungs. Although ISF’s grant was initially for Prices hip surgery, we were happy to have it go toward helping Price with his other health issues.

Once a week, Price’s foster family hosts a Bible Study in their home. One of the couples who attends on a regular basis completely fell in love with Price. It was decided in November of 2014 to move Price into their home on a trial basis as he continued to work through his medical issues. On January 1, 2015, Price was officially adopted to the couple and renamed Linus. In February, radiologist reports determined the spot on Linus’ lung is just fatty tissue which will not cause him any harm. His persistent cough was a lingering affect caused by his pneumonia infection will clear with medication. OLAR will continue to participate in Linus’ life with his new family until all of his medical issues have been resolved. OLAR wrote to ISF to say, “Every life is worth saving. This was a semi-feral kitten that was hit by a car and left on the road to die. He has brought such joy and non-stop entertainment to those around him, I cannot imagine Price not being a part of our rescue.”


Written by Veronica Hampton