Scooter, a Netherland Dwarf rabbit, lived with 126 other rabbits in an overcrowded backyard of a hoarder. In March of 2014 Bunny World Foundation (BWF) was able to liberate 57 of these rabbits. While they met Scooter that day, his owners unfortunately refused to let BWF help him and 70 other bunnies.  The owners would not budge and surrender the remaining rabbits so BWF turned the case over to Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS). A few days later, the backyard breeder surrendered five more rabbits. Scooter was one of four of those to survive.

Scooter suffered from a fractured paw and a compressed spinal fracture. These injuries normally occur as the result of trauma such as being dropped. In Scooter’s case, however, it was determined his multiple fractures were caused by minimal impact and poor bone quality from a diet lacking calcium. 

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation(ISF) helped pay for Scooter’s paw surgery through a Medical Emergency Grant. It was determined pre-surgery Scooter would live his life as a paraplegic requiring a wheel cart, but surgery was still a necessity to reduce the pain and help him have a higher quality of life.

Throughout everything Scooter proved to be a little fighter. He learned what it felt like to be loved, to taste vegetables, to be pet and live in safety. Pre-surgery, Scooter would scoot to his foster in a seal-like position to snuggle or get a kiss and chin rub.

Scooter’s surgery was a success and it was not long before he was able to have his cast removed. During Scooter’s recovery, BWF wrote to ISF saying, “This is one of the most challenging cases we've come across.  A broken back is not something we've dealt with. The fact that 3 out of 4 paws are now fully active gives us hope that all the nerve tissue in the spine is not destroyed, and perhaps the last paw may decide to get active at some point.  We are hoping for the miracle.”

ISF was able to have a wheel cart, fitting Scooter’s body, donated to help with his mobility. The day BWF received the cart the miracle they had hoped for became a reality. The BWF volunteers noted Scooter was unwilling to move about utilizing the wheels. Then suddenly, they witnessed Scooter decide to make a colossal effort to use his once completely numb and limp back legs. Lejia wrote to tell us of the experience, “He made his first move, just like a little baby who’s walked for the first time….he struggled at first, but he tried and tried, wobbled and wobbled, and as of now (two weeks later!), he’s totally walking.”

Another set of X-rays were taken which show Scooter’s back is still broken. Because of Scooters tremendous will to use his legs, the Vet has suggested BWF not put him in wheels at this time. Scooter is now enjoying his life and doing fantastic. He has even found a soul mate in Peter Parker, another bunny from the same rescue effort. Together, they wait to find their forever home.

Our friends at BWF sent us a note to say "Thank you again from the bottom of our bunny loving hearts!” Continue to check-in here for more updates on Scooter.