Spring 2017 Book Club Selection

Happy New Year! A new year means new books to explore and ideas to share.   We can’t wait to spend another year discussing books that have really struck a note with us here at ISF.  For the first book of 2017 we are going to be focusing on a book that was released just last year and climbed to the top of the charts.  Lab Girl by Hope Jahren lets us into the mind and life of a geobiologist, the author herself. 

                While not everyone will stare into soil with the fascination that the author does, she manages to touch the readers in respect to science, nature and also with her personal relationships,  such as with her lab partner Bill.   We learn about her introduction to science through her father and her mentors. They have helped shape who she is and her relationship to science as it shifts and grows with her.   Through her tales we not only grow to see a person but also the many trying, stressful and inspiring aspects when it comes to the field of science and trying to make an impact in the field.  

                So if this book sounds interesting to you, pick up a copy and then head on over to our goodreads page to discuss your thoughts on the book with us and other readers.

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